Quality versus Quantity: Lessons from Golden Dawn

When building a movement, is it preferable to have hordes of people who support your movement, but do little to advance its goals beyond providing peer pressure, or a small group of committed, dedicated people who know what they are doing and more than capable of carrying out their mission(s)?

Why not both?

This isn’t a revolutionary idea.  It’s been a staple of political campaigns for years.  In any democratic election, you need a quantity of people who will go out and vote for you and a quality of people who will rally supporters and sway voters to your side.  Hell, feminism used this strategy.  It had the most effective people in crucial positions (like university professorships and lobbying groups) convert enough impressionable young women to feminist ideologies to ensure that the culture on essentially every university campus in the western world became a hotbed of feminist culture and thought.  Judicious use of shaming tactics and manipulating of white knights has now lead to gynocracy on college campuses, and a degree of legal power in the hands of women almost unheard of in history.

We see the same thing with the Greek Nationalist Party Golden Dawn, which has been incredibly effective over the past few years in raising support through community action.  They help people, and in return, they garner support among the general populace.  Frequently, the price for certain services is for a young man or two to join the ranks of the party.

This enables Golden Dawn to secure itself a reasonable quantity of supporters and sympathizers.  So where do the quality supporters come into play?  Well, it turns out that Golden Dawn’s most secure demographic is perhaps the police!  According to some estimates, up to 50% of Greek Police Officers in some communities voted for Golden Dawn in the last election, very impressive numbers considering how there are seven political parties in the Greek government right now.  There are even rumors that SWAT teams will ignore Golden Dawn members during riot control and overlook their behavior in street fights with anti-fascist groups and other rival parties.  It’s not an original strategy (Nazi control of the judicial system in 1930s Germany enabled them to keep fielding bodies against rivals long after their opposition was all rotting in jail), but it is an effective one.

You’ll notice that in both cases that having a core group of quality followers influencing and controlling them larger quantity is what led to success.  What this shows is that if you build up the quality and dedication of your early followers, over time you will be able to attract the numbers to really give your movement the momentum it needs to achieve victory.  You need both quantity and quality, but quality comes first.

My hope for both the Manosphere and The Dark Enlightenment is that both can acquire enough elite warriors to spread their respective messages clearly and effectively.  This will be a bit easier for the Manosphere, as a large number of men have at least some interest in hearing about Game and complaining about feminism.

Legionnaires of the Dark Enlightenment have it a bit more difficult.  Many men nowadays may be ready to hear about how to game girls or get in shape, but very few are ready to open themselves up to the ideas of Human Biodiversity, or the sheer idiocy of democracy as a system of government.  Still, if the Reactionary Sphere is ever to have an impact, it needs to organize in real life and begin building the social connections necessary to survive the slow but continual decline of the United States.  It’s irrelevant whether you’re a monarchist, fascist, white nationalist, or whether you tend toward any other flavor of reaction.  You need to build a gang and develop a base of support within your community.

It is for this reason that I have decided to add Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals” to the Patrician’s Library.  I don’t consider its lessons and tactics to be necessary for a Legionnaire’s basic training, but the future of both the Manosphere and The Dark Enlightenment is going to rely heavily on moving off the dark corners of the internet and into meatspace.  As important as blogs and essays may be, the future of masculinity in the western world is going to be defined by action, not words.

If a bunch of fascists can make headway in one of the most liberal, socialist parts of the world, there is no excuse why we can’t bring our ideas to fruition in this neck of the woods.



3 thoughts on “Quality versus Quantity: Lessons from Golden Dawn

  1. themantisshrimp 08/04/2013 / 1:06 AM

    Quality before quantity. I like it.

  2. walderschmidt 08/12/2013 / 11:41 PM

    The idea of this post is pivotal to the next stage of affairs.

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