Gay Rights Activists hate Black People

It’s no secret that The New York Times has been on a spate of Russia-bashing lately, mainly with articles about how utterly awful and dreadful and horrible homosexual men and women have it in such an awful and backwards country.  Part of this clearly has to do with expressing The Cathedral’s denunciation of Russia after Putin refused to hand over Edward Snowden to be tortured, put in front of a kangaroo court, and thrown in prison for life granted a fair trial.  Why, with all the outcry, one might reasonably expect to believe that Russia has authorized judicious use of the death penalty for anyone and everyone suspected of being homosexual!

Oh, it hasn’t?  Forgive me.  I must be thinking of some other place.  A place in which homosexuality is outright illegal, and punishable by death…

Know where I’m referring to?  I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you did.  The Dark Continent.

Africa is actually a very interesting study on what persecution of homosexuals actually looks like.  Russia’s laws actually come off as fairly lenient when compared with Uganda’s “Kill the Gays legislation or a clause in Mauritania’s legal code that would seem to indicate that homosexuality is to be punished by stoning.  Anyone who makes any attempt to actually research which countries hate gay people the most will quickly realize that Moscow starts looking a hell of a lot like San Francisco when you compare it to Khartoum.

So why are gay rights activists so focused on Russia, and not, say, Morocco?  I’ll admit the biggest reason is probably because The New York Times is telling them to do so.  Yet, this does not explain why The New York Times is telling them to do so.  Some theories will point to Russia’s geo-political influence, or perhaps the looming Winter Olympics in Sochi.  Yet I find these explanations unconvincing.  Allow me to propose a different theory.

Liberals just don’t think blacks are capable of the same standards of behavior as whites.

We see this in our own country with “progressive” support for affirmative action, which outright declares that blacks cannot compete on an even playing field with whites.  We see it when the star witness for the most racially motivated trial of the century was taken seriously despite not being able to read.  Why should we not expect this dynamic to extend to international affairs?

Think about it.  When was the last time you saw a celebrity like George Takei condemn any African country for anti-gay laws?  Now do a quick sweep of that Facebook page and time how long it takes you to find an anti-Russia post.

Remember, for liberals, Gay Rights are a moral issue.  They demand Gay Rights in all white, industrialized nations.  For them, Russia’s laws are a moral travesty.  Yet why are they not holding African nations to the same moral standards?  Do they think blacks not capable of meeting such a standard?

If we look beyond their lofty words, we see that deep down, liberals look down on blacks and view them as incapable of meeting the same standards as whites.  For all their talk of “equality” and “diversity”, their actions reveal them for what they truly are.

Next time you hear a Gay Rights Activist speak about the need to boycott the Winter Olympics, just remember, you are dealing with someone who doesn’t believe in the ability of black people to be as moral as white people.

Think about that next time you hear someone call for “equality” and “diversity”.



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