Transcending the Manosphere

In coming weeks, I was planning on publishing a post detailing the nature of the Manosphere in relation to the Reactosphere and the ultimately small-minded focus of the former.  However, Bryce Laliberte over at Anarcho-Papist just offered up a brilliant rendition of about half of what I was planning to say.  Go read it, it’s spot-on.

Admittedly, he probably put it better than I would have.  Nonetheless, he stopped halfway, in my opinion.

The Manosphere is a starting point, nothing more.  This is a truth that more men need to realize.  Too many men are getting caught up in the Manosphere as some sort of final truth, and contenting themselves with Manosphere platitudes instead of pursuing ever high levels of intellectual and spiritual development.

There is certainly value to be had for the average male with Manosphere.  Getting your life under control, taking responsibility for yourself, and learning how to talk to women are all transition points that every male needs to pass to be considered a man.  Things like working out or picking up a martial art provide tremendous benefit to many.  But where does one go once these basic accomplishments are achieved?

The Manosphere doesn’t have an answer for that.  As such, it is inevitable that any man who really seeks greater things for himself will grow beyond the core concepts of the movement, and surpass it.  Men need a higher ideal to strive for than chasing pussy and running themselves down on the hedonic treadmill.

(Now seems to be a good point to address the infantile argument that a man’s worth is in how many women he lays. Women attain status from male attention and validation.  If you are male and you derive and assign status based on female attention and validation, you have completely missed the point of having a Y chromosome.  Good job.  Both Isaac Newton and Nikola Tesla supposedly died virgins.  If this makes you think any less of them consider that a sign that you need to reexamine your priorities.)

As I said, the Manosphere has its use.  After all, males today need to learn how to  be men, and most red-pill and game blogs at least start them down that path.  But the Manosphere can only take one so far.  The thing that it seems that so many writers in the ‘sphere are missing is that you cannot treat the process of becoming a man as an end in and of itself.  Doing so puts a cap on your capability to grow and develop as a man.

The process of becoming a man has to be a means to an end.

Player Burnout is a thing because too many men treated sex and women as an end.  Pleasure is not and cannot be the end all and be all.  Men need higher ideals to strive for.  If the Manosphere is to continue to be relevant, it must find a way to transcend itself and give men a higher cause than it does currently.  New writers must emerge who can build upon the lessons of the Red Pill and replace those whose focus on sex and game prevents the community from boldly moving forward to new heights.

This is where the Manosphere and the Reactosphere can come together.  Reaction offers a nobler goal to pursue than vagina, and the lessons of the Manosphere are important to be heeded, as long as they are recognized as a building block, not a building.  Imagine a Reactionary Movement populated by manly men who take direct action against the hegemony of The Cathedral instead of banging away at keyboards all day.  A fusion of the best parts of both spheres, if you will.

Any serious attempt to combat The Cathedral is going to require at least some boots on the ground (in the manner of Golden Dawn).  The windows of The Cathedral will not be broken without throwing a few rocks.  Yet in order to get such a Legion together, it will be necessary to recruit those in the Manosphere who can see beyond weight-lifting, game, and sex, and transform them from men of the Red Pill into Legionnaires of The Dark Enlightenment, fighting not just against feminism with game, but against all manifestations of The Cathedral with the weapons of reason, truth, and unapologetic masculinity.

Ultimately, The Manosphere is fighting one battle in a much larger struggle.  This is necessary, but what our side needs is warriors who can fight in any of the battles that need to be fought.  We don’t just need men.  We need Legionnaires.



12 thoughts on “Transcending the Manosphere

  1. The Gentleman Poet 08/14/2013 / 12:19 AM

    Bravo. This same thought has often crossed my mind. It was the idea behind my own little niche. One would hope that the growth inherent in gaining the lay would stymie further growth, much like new growth in a forest when the slow growth of the deciduous burst through the overgrowth to master the wood where the lesser but quicker grown brush is left before its shade.

    • Legionnaire 08/14/2013 / 5:29 AM

      Thick as the stagnated growth may be, sunlight is poking through, and a new crop is taking root. Some of the seedlings will in time reach heights not dreamed of by the previous batch.

      In time, we will see many more blogs that recognize manosphere principles while pursuing loftier ideals.

      • walderschmidt 08/14/2013 / 5:50 AM

        It is a matter of time and a matter of shifting inertia. If the old trees see fit to set new roots, the transition shall be smooth and they’ll rise once more for a time.

        Should they miss the forest for the trees, they’ll make excellent firewood for the impending bush fire.

  2. Nick B. Steves 08/16/2013 / 6:07 PM

    Treating sex and women as an end is only slightly less dysfunctional than treating masturbation and porn as an end. It isn’t what we were designed (by nature, nature’s god, or both) for. Believing you were designed for something that transcends the self is the first step. The better voices in the manosphere are realizing that.

  3. Conan 08/17/2013 / 10:16 PM

    Excellent article. I’m bookmarking this blog.

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  5. IA 09/09/2013 / 7:41 PM


    Does the manosphere deal with white male honor? Blacks and muslims have akind of primitive honor system. Ditto chinese. Obama has a red line that can be crossed or not. Is his white guy half gonna cave? Or is the black guy side gonna fight?

    • Legionnaire 09/09/2013 / 9:42 PM

      Brett McKay over at “Art of Manliness” has a fantastic series on the history of honor and Jack Donovan lists honor as one of his tactical virtues, but neither analyze it in a racial context.

  6. Thanatos 09/18/2013 / 11:34 PM

    I’m already there. The reactosphere and some parts of the manosphere are a good fit, but I would heavily caution you against either trying to fuse with or tamper with MRA’s. For one, it serves our goals to leave them where they are doing things exactly the way they’re doing them. For two, they’re not a good fit ideologically.

    MGTOW’s on the other hand, are a good fit. They aren’t revolutionaries. Neither are we.

    Myself, I’ve already made the leap. The Manosphere opened my eyes to the fatal flaws in most of the left’s modernist ways of thinking and showed me why and how to oppose all of them. I neither left the Manosphere,nor did it leave me. I carry it with me on my new journey. Hence, here I am,wanting to put boots to some hippies for God and nation.

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