The Belly of the Beast

day-126-larry-grows-suspiciousMuch is made in some spheres of how universities are essentially indoctrination programs to turn young men and women into liberals.  My recent return to university with the beginning of the semester has had me musing on this subject, especially as more and more I see instances of progressive beliefs sneaking in places where they shouldn’t be.  Given this type of immersion, one would have to be a remarkable individual to avoid becoming at least somewhat progressive.

The situation has gotten to the point where it is expected that if you are in college you will skew liberal.  While many might consider this irksome, why not run with it?

Why not take that reputation and use it to subvert the Cathedral?

Look, if you find yourself at a high-level universities, whether large Ivy League Schools like Harvard or smaller, liberal-arts colleges like Swarthmore, you happen to be at an institution designed to train you to be a foot soldier for the Cathedral.  This grants you a unique position that a clever reactionary would seek to exploit.  You’re expected to become liberal.  Why not give people the impression that you have become so?

Now, why should one bother maintaining a reputation as a good progressive?  Well, for one, it makes your life easier.  Colleges are bastions of feminism, multiculturalism, and other liberal and progressive ideals.  You can spend your time being accosted by people for disbelieving in the sanctity of democracy and equal rights, or you can save your energy for things like learning and making good grades (or doing drugs and banging sluts if you prefer).

Second, it gives you a bit more breathing room.  A conservative that brings us something like human biodiversity is well on his way to being shunned for being a racist.  A liberal who does so, well, I’ve never seen it happen, but it would seem that most people have never experienced that.  The shock of hearing someone who cheers for diversity actually point out that humans are different is probably sufficient to give you breathing room for a quick explanation (the cognitive dissonance between celebrating diversity and claiming that everyone is equal could also be pointed out at this point).

So do what is expected of you.  Listen to Macklemore, support gay rights, and protest against “rape culture” and “systematic oppression”.  Write papers full of Marxist drivel.  Speak of the evils of colonialism and Machiavellian politics.  Hell, join clubs and organizations that encourage diversity.  There’s really no end to the opportunities to make oneself appear to be a good little liberal.  Make your public face that of an idealistic and hopeful liberal, and watch as your life is suddenly far easier.

In private however, things need to be a different story.  Remember, all this posturing is useless if you aren’t treating it as a means to and end.  The means, of course, is to be able to get away with certain behaviors.   But for what end?

I propose bringing more Legionnaires into the reactionary fold.   Make your public face liberal, and in private (with those you feel can be convinced of the truth) bring those willing to open their eyes over to the dark side.

It’s hard to deny that many in the under-25 demographic (and probably the under-30 demographic as well) feel cheated and robbed of the world we were promised.  We were told to go to college to be guaranteed a good job, be nice to women (and don’t oppress them with your patriarchy), and to vote for Obama because of “hope and change”.  We now stand on the cusp of inheriting a world of violence, racial tensions, and economic and cultural decline, and we know it.

I really don’t believe anyone over 30 understands just how deep the resentment and anger is ensconced in the collective psychology ofGeneration Screwed“.  It’s this anger and frustration that contributed to the development of the “Occupy” Movement, and it is this anger and frustration that explains why a significant portion of the Reactosphere is under 30.

Play off of this anger.  Anger is a powerful emotion.  Use people’s anger and channel it.  Whether it’s the opposite sex, the economy, the modern system of industrial agriculture…etc, everyone has a pet issue that riles them up.  Demonstrate how a reactionary viewpoint is the optimal solution to their problem, slowly bring them over to the truth.

Bryce over at Anarcho Papist has suggested to me that one approach to take is to start off by offering men advice on dating using some of the ideas found in game.  Though I’ve never tried this personally, It doesn’t strike me as a bad strategy. Wear down a man’s viewpoint on women and sex and you plant seeds of doubt that can spread to the rest of his worldview.  I look forward to implementing this tactic in the future to turn people to pre-reactionary views.

The tactics available are nearly endless.  The point is this: Pretend to be liberal and concerned with “equality” in public, and in private work towards developing a cabal of devoted reactionaries using whatever tactics necessary.

Some might recognize this strategy as being similar to the “anti-prometheism” proposed by Bulbasaur over at The Right Stuff.  While this is indeed the inspiration for my thought, the key difference is that while Bulbasaur proposes actively working towards a more leftist future, I am content merely to adopt the guise of doing that, while seeking to build within the system those who would one day strive to undermine it.

Reaction certainly needs boots on the ground and people unafraid to show their faces, like Golden Dawn or Generation Identitaire, but it also needs fertile ground for such organizations to take root.  This can really only occur in a system that worships at the altar of egalitarianism and contains sufficient dysfunction to breed resentment of current policy.  Colleges are thus fantastic grounds for stoking the fires of reaction among the young.

If you are still uneasy, think of it like this: Going off to college is meant to open your mind to news ideas and expand your intellectual horizons.  It would be downright rude of you not to help your friends get past the horizons of equality, democracy, and liberalism.

I admit this approach isn’t for everyone.  It requires you to be two-faced, to wear a mask that won’t fit well on everyone.  Can you live a life tricking people into thinking that you are something you’re not, only revealing yourself at calculated times in calculated ways?

If you can, consider this post “The Legionnaire’s Guide to University”.



17 thoughts on “The Belly of the Beast

  1. Conan 08/31/2013 / 12:14 PM

    Disagree. The Cathedral will crush and burn you as soon as you reveal any ‘sinful’ thoughts, no matter how liberal or leftist you appear. Better to be openly reactionary and face the fire with your head up high. You know Matthew Heimbach and the White Student Union? Would you prefer that he kept his head under? We need to be forming an army that will oppose the Cathedral’s army on a battlefield, not trying to ‘convert’ people within its army.

    • Legionnaire 08/31/2013 / 1:48 PM

      Valiant warriors outside the cathedral. Secret agents within it. Imagine the possibilities.

      Why write off any tactic that could be useful for us without trying it first?

      • Conan 09/01/2013 / 7:42 AM

        Because there is no reason to pretend to be a liberal. Don’t pretend to be anything. Simply BE a good person and a reactionary. Be moral, decent, honest, well-spoken, fit, strong and proud — and reactionary. This will do more to confound and cause doubt in the Cathedral’s unwilling footsoldiers than any two-faced ‘calculations.’ Again, with the Matthew Heimbach example: there is a hilarious article written by one of his professors that goes on about how the professor couldn’t believe that their infamous ‘evil racist white redneck’ student was the most intelligent and well-read person in their class. I guarantee that Matthew Heimbach has done more damage to the Cathedral by visibly and successfully living outside of it than any reactosphere-reader who tries to clandestinely ‘convert’ his clueless liberal friends. I write off your proposed tactic because any reactionary who tries to fake being a liberal to seed doubt amongst liberals is one less reactionary who is demonstrating to the liberal masses what comes after the ‘doubt.’ Your proposed tactic is a negative one — chip away at THEIR defenses. I propose the opposite: build up OUR defenses. There is no more time to remain in hiding. Reactionaries need to rise up and be counted. No amount of liberal doubt will ever come to fruition if they never find an alternative — we are the alternative and we need to show it, not hide it.

  2. Francis Begbie 08/31/2013 / 3:18 PM

    Don’t forget that there’s a high risk/high reward for expressing blatantly reactionary views. Also, to mention some fields in university are much better than others in terms of expressing them. Forget Arts courses, and high nerd courses (Physics, Economics (believe it or not), you are far more likely to find a reactionary doing medicine or a technical trade.

    This in turn applies to women as well. Surrounded by beta males and suddenly there’s this guy going on about race realism? Suddenly, he’s the asshole tingles type.

    Depends on the person. I’ve one more year left, and I intend to sow as many seeds of doubt as possible.

    Like I mentioned before, the manosphere and game are the main ways you promote reactionary ideas. With game, everything else follows.

    • seriouslypleasedropit 09/01/2013 / 12:09 AM

      Game is really a great vector, both when used and as “bait” for men.

      And, frankly, it’s men that matter. Who are the elite? Men. That men also compose the underclass doesn’t change that. Get enough men on your side, teach them game, and now you have a bunch of women on your side.

      I’m Mormon. I served a mission, etc. My little brother just got back from serving his mission. We were (and are) told to focus on fathers. As women go, so go men; as a man goes, so goes his wife.

  3. mindweapon 09/04/2013 / 5:55 PM

    Reblogged this on Mindweapons in Ragnarok and commented:
    New blog, The Legionairre. proposes that neo-reactionaries/WN’s use Taqqiyah and pretend to be liberals.b Pardon the Islamic quotes, but I think we should appropriate the Muslim Mindweapon of al-Taqqiyah:
    What is Taqqiyah?

    The word “al-Taqiyya” literally means: “Concealing or disguising one’s beliefs, convictions, ideas, feelings, opinions, and/or strategies at a time of eminent danger, whether now or later in time, to save oneself from physical and/or mental injury.” A one-word translation would be “Dissimulation.”[1] But it may be clearer to call it lying. Taqiyyah is uttering with the tongue what one does not believe in the heart.[2] Many Sunnis deny that it is an Islamic practice, but Shi’ites dispute this by arguing that it is integral to Islam. According to one Shi’ite source:

    Nine tenths of (the Islamic) religion is taqiyyah (dissimulation), hence one who does not dissimulate has no religion. (Al-Kafi vol.9 p.110)

    And as a contributor to this site has pointed out:

    al-Imam Ja’far al-Sadiq (AS) [The Sixth Imam of Ahlul-Bayt] said:

    “al-Taqiyya is my religion, and the religion of my ancestors.” He (AS)
    also said: “He who doesn’t practice al-Taqiyya, doesn’t practice his

    But is it a Shi’ite practice only? Some Sunnis see Taqqiyah as a Shi’a error to be refuted. It is seen as a reason why Shi’ites can’t be trusted by Sunnis and is said to contradict the Qur’an which teaches:

  4. Tom Bowie 09/05/2013 / 4:23 PM

    How would anybody know if it was being done already or not?

    As a pretend leftist don’t just blend in, be more leftist, somewhat absurdly leftist in fact.

    Renounce one of your fellow leftists every so often to keep the rest in line and sow division.

    While I’m not suited to this tactic I understand opportunity and I can spot a few who may well be using it already.

  5. House Perspicacity 09/06/2013 / 1:36 AM

    Its the age old question, can you accomplish a morally good objective using immoral means? Though some will dispute that such deception al la Taqquiyah is not immoral at all, I would not agree. If truth is our goal and guiding principle, than to deliberately and regularly engage in deception counter to our principles must constitute an immoral act.

    It has been said, but I reiterate: Let our characters be expressed freely to the world, that we may attract those of like purpose. Let our charisma and the natural superiority that we claim to have be our argument to our peers, rather than underhanded, integrity-grinding subterfuge and betrayal.

    If we engage in such sabotage we sacrifice a piece of our soul for reward we could have had if we had taken the honest road. Let’s maintain our nobility and stick to truthful methods and reason in converting our opponents.

  6. Anomaly UK 09/07/2013 / 2:17 PM

    The subversion route is an essential step in the ultimate victory of reaction, as I wrote in May:

    it can come to pass that it becomes general knowledge that the axioms of the [progressive] faith are false. Then the true believers will be diluted and finally swamped by the cynical opportunists. They will, for a time, retain the doctrines as empty justifications, but while they rely on them for their legitimacy, without genuine belief they will have no reason to defend them into the future

    But at this point in time there is a great need for reactionary ideas to become better developed and better formulated, in a way that can only be achieved by putting them forward honestly and arguing them out.

    If you can’t do that, subverting from within is better than nothing. (Indeed, even being open but anonymous, as I am, is a second-best. It is better to be more open still).

  7. Gadsden Flag 05/06/2015 / 1:06 AM

    Few people feel comfortable dissembling long-term; either the ruse will fail, of the trickster will end up corrupting himself. Also, liberals aren’t likely to be persuaded by this stratagem because they don’t care about evidence, reason, argumentation etc. They are all about emotionalism, status signaling, guilt, and other non-intellectual stuff.

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