More Thoughts on the Media

At the end of my last post, I threw in a quick paragraph regarding an idea I had as to how to go about inserting neoreactionary memes into more mainstream outlets.  While it got the basic outline for my thoughts on the matter, it didn’t quite go into the sort of depth this topic deserves.  I will try to alleviate that oversight here.

As I constantly allude to, I have a tendency towards the subversive.  Needless to say, my thoughts on media can be categorized in a similar vein.  While neoreactionaries on this side of the pond have done a pretty good job so far of dissipating their ideals through blogs and other online platforms (Twitter in particular has been quite useful), I cannot help but imagine more ambitious possibilities.  The thought of putting neoreactionaries in well-read outlets in which they can reach wider audiences is a titillating thought to me.

This has already begun, on a small-level.  Both Bryce Laliberte and Wesley Morganston have been featured in The Daily Caller (both pieces were fantastic, by the way…my congratulations to the both of you).  The Daily Caller isn’t exactly mainstream, and it caters to a crowd that leans farther right than what is perhaps the norm, but it’s a start.  Being a rather conservative (and honestly, the difference between far-right conservatives and reactionaries only really boils down to a select few positions) outlet, The Daily Caller will be open to our sorts of views in a way that most other media outlets wouldn’t be.  Honestly, it’s a prime outlet, given how reactionary ideals would essentially not need to be disguised under the cloak of subtlety and insinuation.

Now, giant corporate entities like The New York Times are not exactly optimum platforms for this sort of thing.  The barriers to entry and the inertia against right-leaning ideas are just too high.  A clever individual who already writes for such an organization might be able to manage subtle placement of certain ideas, but it won’t be possible for those currently without such a position.

There are other options, though, that might be more amenable to facilitating our positions.  Many local newspapers are often willing to print letters with a more extreme or radical tone (especially in more conservative locales), which presents opportunities that might not even require the sort of subtle and slippery language that one might normally have to use to inject such ideas into public discourse.

Now, some might say that Neoreaction does not need publicity initiatives, that it can get by on the strength of its arguments alone.  I don’t disagree with this.  We don’t need to do more than what it already being done, I just hate to put in only the minimum amount of effort necessary.  If we can increase the rate at which we can build up momentum behind the movement, we increase our ability to ride the wave of history that will soon come in and instigate a return to more traditional, conservative behaviors.  The more support we have, the greater that swing of the pendulum will be.

I’m not kidding myself.  I know the Reaction will always be an elitist, not a populist, movement I’ve said so previously.  Bearing that in mind, it is still a fact that the more elites we pull to our side, and the more aristocratic youth that sympathize with our principles, the more influence we potentially wield.

I’m big on both increasing and applying ones’ potential.  I really do hate seeing that sort of thing go to waste.



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