The Path to Legionnaire: Series Introduction

There’s a reason I chose “The Legionnaire” as the name of this blog.  Part of it was indeed a reference to my ancestry, but the reasoning goes a lot deeper than just that.  Not only do I find the image of a strong, tough, focused warrior marching on for imperial glory to fit in nicely with neoreactionary themes, but I also think that those sorts of people are going to become ever more important as the future comes upon us.

No, this blog is called “The Legionnaire” because from the beginning I have always had an ideal for what a modern reactionary ought to look like.  This is not the archetype of The Natural Aristocracy I refer to now, but a different one, a neo-Legionnaire of sorts, trained for the struggles of our age.  A Legionnaire may be an Aristocrat, and an Aristocrat a Legionnaire, but the difference lies in skill-set and capability.  An Aristocrat might not be a Legionnaire, but a Legionnaire will mostly have good aristocratic potential, even if they do not possess all of the requisite qualities to meet the full definition.

So what exactly is this Legionnaire?  It is something akin to a few other concepts, drawing influence from the concepts of the “Alpha Male”, the Strong Horse“, the “Student Reactionary“, the “Mindweapon“, and the “Polymath“, as well as principles from biology and philosophy, among other disciplines.  I envision a K-selected, smart, savvy, and tough individual capable of handling everything from rigorous debate and social dynamics to the workout room and the fighter’s arena to whatever turbulent futures may lie ahead, adaptable and flexible in skill set, with core proficiency in the few things I shall lay out here, with individual specialties being up to each person.

If you remember, I promised I would begin putting out my ideas on dealing with the media and laying out a strategy for aiding the spread of neoreactionary principles.  The Legionnaire archetype is part of that, but by no means solely defined by it.  The Legionnaire is meant to be a multi-faceted ideal of varied capability, and although knowing how to deal with the media when it becomes necessary is part of that, it is not the only trait.

If you’ve spent any time here, you’ll have noticed that I have what I call The Legionnaire’s Reading ListThis list has always meant to fit in with this series that I have planned.  It has the categories and format that I intend to follow, with each piece building off the previous one.  The books I recommend are a part of each step, though they are by no means the only hurdle to be overcome before making your way onward to the next stage.

Reading, after all, can only take one so far.  It is also necessary to put knowledge into practice, refine the application of that knowledge, and develop these sorts of things with time and experience.  It makes no sense to read “The Prince” (to give one example) if you cannot ascertain when to be a lion and when to be a fox.  These sorts of things can only be made known with practice, and I shall put forth my experiences in matters like these so that I may both continue to refine myself and to bring others along with me on this process.

And so I present this series.  Think of it as a boot-camp for young neoreactionaries, although I hope all may find some benefit from it.



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