Dark Linkage: Iconoclasm of the Idols

I have been made aware of a new site that looks to have a Neoreactionary bent to it (based on the blogroll, which includes Anarcho-Papist and Radish Mag): Iconoclasm of the Idols.

What sort of posts can we expect from Iconoclasm?  To quote:

“This being my first post on the site, i would like to give the future readership and those who visit what direction i believe the site will take. I plan on talking about things that i believe need more discussion. Topics will range from Politics, Masculinity, to Philosophy, and quite a bit in between.”

The first few posts are on economics, taking on Bitcoin and the economic troubles of 2007, in which a very Libertarian perspective is utilized.

I’ll be keeping on eye on Iconoclasm to see how it develops.  It’s too early to tell at the moment to know how things will shape up, but I see potential.




One thought on “Dark Linkage: Iconoclasm of the Idols

  1. iconoclasmoftheidols 12/15/2013 / 4:23 PM

    Thanks for the linkage. A lot of the Libertarian arguments do hold weight, especially in economics. It seems some are quick to throw out everything Libertarians say, because they disagree on some points. The current state of the manosphere and the spread of Neoreactionary ideas creates a very interesting time to be a writer.

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