“The Art of War”, Dark Gatherings, and a Happy New Year

I’m a big fan of Sun Tzu’s “Art of War”.  Despite being older than dirt, it still contains insights that are as relevant now as they were back in the Warring States period of Chinese history.  When I was laying out “The Legionnaire’s Reading List“, the work was one of the first books I knew beyond all doubt would be included.

Just as I was certain I would make “The Art of War” a part of my recommended reading, so too am I certain of my favorite passage: “Hide in the deepest recesses of the earth and strike like lightning from the highest heavens”.  The dynamic contrast is pleasing from a literary perspective, and deeply insightful from a tactical one.

There’s a parallel between this piece of wisdom and the way the trajectory of the reaction has been going. Until very recently, Reaction and its various allied movements have hid themselves away in arcane corners of the internet, reading Moldbug posts and keeping to themselves. Yet in 2013, things changed. A tipping point was reached, and the reactionary population started growing exponentially, caving out niches for itself across WordPress and Twitter, a population of tiny ants whose collective actions birthed an entire secret networks of tunnels and caves, hidden from the eyes of the many.

The inertia behind Reactionary ideas (especially the Red-Pill subset) is building. As I frequently state, I believe this is an inevitability being driven by the forces of human nature, echoing a pattern found throughout human history. Still, that’s no reason to sit on our laurels. As the old saying goes, the stars incline us but they do not bind us. The burden still lies on us to make the most of the opportunities we have been (and will be) allocated. We must seize the initiative.

The single biggest focus of reaction in 2014 needs to be to capitalizing on our gathering momentum. The first step in this process? Physical meet-ups. Though the dark corners of the internet have served us well, now is the time to move into meatspace. This sort of thing has been happening on a small-scale already (i.e. the recent #hateupnyc), but it needs to become a more frequent occurrence at this stage of the game. The amount of progress we can make in the realm of refining and planning at these sorts of things vastly outweighs debates over Twitter, and will be vital to ensure the continued development of the Reaction.

 So what do I hope 2014 will look like? Well, the attention that our little sphere has been getting so far has been amusing, but my hope is that in the coming months the discourse on reaction, neoreaction, and the allied movements will be done increasingly on our terms. I doubt this will be the case, and suspect that the opposite will occur, at least on the level of mainstream narrative, but this merely forces us to dominate and frame the discourse that will be taking place on less traditional outlets.

 Given that we will no doubt be getting increased attention from the Eye of Sauron, it would seem that we’ve firmly established our presence on Twitter and other social networks just in the nick of time. In order to counter the smears that the media will seek to propagate upon us though, is will be necessary to get as many people as possible to view us with unsullied lenses.

 While much of that can be done online, a significant portion of this marketing ought to be done in person. It’s not all that difficult to find people in your social circles who might be open to one or two reactionary ideas. From there it’s just a matter of some open discussion of some initially innocuous-sounding ideas, slowly steered towards those topics that venture into crimethink. Don’t jump out the Overton Window. Creep out of it slowly.

 Everyone has their part to play, but the burden of swaying the young and aristocratic will increasingly fall to the neoreactionaries, given our bent toward the intellectual and the abstract, which is the tack that must be adopted in order to be taken seriously by the intelligent and open-minded who are willing to distance themselves from the progressive mindset haven’t yet grounded themselves in concepts like “The Cathedral”.

 Game is the most popular method of applied reaction. Human Biodiversity is an intellectual forbidden fruit of which the thought of biting both terrifies and excites. These two things, will be, I suspect, the two things that will most drive people to take those first few steps down the rabbit hole, and as such, ought to be pushed hard. Feminism is an additional target of opportunity, a slowly weakening ideology with many opponents who can be allies of convenience. Going after it is a smart play in the new year. All reactionaries should make a New Year’s Resolution to crush at least one feminist in rigorous debate.


Any minority idea that wishes to become commonplace must pass through several key transition points. One of the most important ones, it seems, is to have 10% of the population be in favor of it. If the holders of an idea or an ideology can reach this point, and remain dedicated to it, than those first few special snowflakes can build themselves into an overwhelming avalanche.

I have no idea what the United States or any other western country might look like if 10% of the population was in favor of reactionary ideals (nor do I want to imagine just how much shit would have to hit the fan in order for that sort of shift to occur). Still though, in the interest of intellectual curiosity, I’m rather hoping to find out.

 It’s no secret that many people are displeased with what society is becoming, but how many are willing to get extreme about it? Probably not 10% as of yet, how far off can we really be? One of my goals for the new year is to be able to establish definitive answers to both of those questions.

 What reactionaries have done so far has worked well, but the context we find ourselves in is shifting. The divergence between ideologies is growing, and in the tension and discord, opportunity is arising. To paraphrase Machiavelli, the young always benefit more from chaos than the old, and compared to the old battleship that is modernism, Neoreaction is very new indeed.

 2013 was the year to hide away and prepare ourselves. 2014 is the year to strike like lightning.


12 thoughts on ““The Art of War”, Dark Gatherings, and a Happy New Year

  1. mindweapon 12/22/2013 / 8:07 AM

    If you are in the Northeast, or know people who are, get in touch. I have a very good hangout in the Northeast corner of Connecticut, an independent “starbucks type” coffee shop that flies the Tea Party flag. Also, this little city has some other features that people will find very interesting but I don’t want to give it away on the internet here.

    I know a lot of people, but they are more of the hard core WN vanguard type, though they comport themselves in a perfectly respectable middle class way. And some of them are very well read on the esoteric works of Tradition (Evola et al), so they’ll fit right in with this new crowd of neoreactionaries.

    But yeah, I can certainly host meetings of neoreactionaries. Email me, my email should be in my comment.

  2. C. M. Sturges 12/22/2013 / 11:14 AM

    Thank you sir for the linkage, it’s much appreciated.

    • Legionnaire 12/23/2013 / 10:27 PM

      It was a very interesting idea that I’d not run across before. It’ll be interesting to see how well it plays out in practice.

  3. seriouslypleasedropit 12/22/2013 / 1:39 PM

    I worry somewhat. We are attempting something that has, to my (paltry) historical knowledge, never been done before: a Reaction to something none of us remembers. And our tools are a bit ill-fitted for the task: we have the ingredients of a Revolution (the Internet, a bunch of angry young men), but we are trying for an orderly, peaceful transition.

    I agree that meatspace is the next place to go. First, because part of Reaction is acknowledging the power of meatspace: we will never have a borderless Cybertopia.

    But what happens in meatspace? What do you do after Coffeeshop Meetup #5?

    Certainly not this. Underground cells, secret plans, bold, risky moves—none of it’s gonna fly.

    No, reaction needs to be more like this.

    That’s a really high bar. But that’s what it will take.

    When the coffee-shop radicals start hanging out with each other in real life, and have a babysitting ring going on, and take casserole over for funerals, and get together every month to clean up the local park—well, then you have something.

    • Legionnaire 12/23/2013 / 10:28 PM

      Step One: Cultivate bonds within the group
      Step Two: Elicit sympathy and support from those outside the group.

      Beyond that I’m not quite sure. I’m a tactician, not a strategist.

  4. C. M. Sturges 12/22/2013 / 2:09 PM

    I’ve been encouraging face to face meetups since the spring. First was Gulf Shores then Vegas for a week and the next one is in New Orleans for six days of Mardi Gras. The participants in all of these meetups spent more time conversing and planning than we did partying which is saying a lot considering the locations I’ve picked for them.

  5. Iconoclasta 12/22/2013 / 3:51 PM

    I agree completely, there needs to be more real meet ups. Communication in the digital medium has its purpose, but we need to have a more sustained period to discuss our collective ideas.

  6. Davis M.J. Aurini 12/26/2013 / 1:19 PM

    Almost identical to my thoughts on 2014.

    I’ve been running into Reactionary thoughts coming out of the most unexpected places – allies who’ve never heard of us, and have a different lingo (one lady literally said to me that people need to take the “anti-pill”), but when we burst on the scene we’re going to have a lot of sympathetic converts.

  7. Davis M.J. Aurini 12/31/2013 / 8:24 PM

    ” 2013 was the year to hide away and prepare ourselves. 2014 is the year to strike like lightning.”

    I’m going to be writing my 2014 prediction post tomorrow, but my conclusion is quite similar to this.

    We’re done complaining, and we’re done analyzing the problems: 2014 is the year we start building.

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