Guest Post: Merchants, Mind Control, and Anti-Heroics

I’m not a very sentimental person, but I do take pride in each and every one of the comments I get on this blog.  This comment left by Mindweapon on my post, “Fire and Steel” really struck a chord with me, and I think he makes some points worth mulling over and discussing.

I repost it here with permission and a few small edits.  Consider it to be the first “Guest Post” on “The Legionnaire”.

<em>Yet, beyond writing essays and articles for each others’ sakes, there is little real-world action that we actually undertake.</em>

Well, we need to do right action, not just action for action’s sake.

What is the right action?

What is the conflict in which we are engaged?  What kind of world do we live in?

The answer is, we live in a mercantile world, for the most part, and for now, not a hot lead and cold steel world.  The hot lead and cold steel world can come back with a vengeance, of course.

A mercantile world means that the bad people are using the control and distribution of resources as a weapon.  A weapon of soft control.

Thus we have to face soft control with strategies for reducing it.  By blogging, we take the first step.  We remove the soft control over our minds.

But then we find out that the next level of the Game, the next level of the Soft Control, is the money game.  We don’t go straight from liberating our own minds, to deprogramming others.  If we could, that’d be amazing.  To just have the power to be among people and systematically deprogram them.   All it would take is free speech that no one messes with, or that you may have if you have enough money.

If you don’t have a family, or other such obligations, you could go straight to deprogramming.  I would if I could.  You’d have to hang out in areas where your optimal demographic for deprogramming is.   Personally, I think it’s cities, because those whites are ripe for it.  Most racists I’ve ever met came from big cities — NYC, Boston, LA, Portland Oregon, even Washington D.C.

One thing about city folk is that they yearn to work on the land and be a bit more materially self sufficient.  And rural people would like to have access to cities regularly, or they would if they knew what cities offered.  Cities offer the chance to get really really good at something that is usually not available in the countryside — for example, really good martial arts instructors, really good music teachers and music schools, the chance to hire an elderly native speaker of a target language (for real cheap — like free meals and a little bit of pocket money) to hang out at your house and talk to your toddlers several hours a day, so they get naturally fluent in that language.  A sort of variation on the Chinese “tiger mom” but in our own Aryan way.

So my dream “action” would be to have businesses and apartment buildings in the city in our own ethnic neighborhood, and do exchanges with people in the countryside, so the city people show up at planting time, harvest time, weeding, hay baling, and get paid in food or in time share at the urban apartments.

We need the best of both worlds.  Urban whites need a bug out place and a resilient source of ecological services (food, potable water, physical safety), and rural whites need some eager labor and access to urban living so maybe their kids grow up to be fluent in Chinese and/or martial artists or musicians or dancers.

Also, kids need to do lots of farm labor so they appreciate intellectual activities more.  Working for hours in the fields is very meditative.  It’s only drudge in the first couple of hours, then it becomes a mental groove, a deep meditation.  But it’s always drudge, at least in the process of going to “do it again.”   Child farm labor is what molded Henry Ford and Philo T. Farnsworth, and I’m sure many others.  Farnsworth visualized the television from ploughing a field, seeing electrons dance across his criss-crossed furrows.

But to do all of this, we need to be entrepreneurs.  We need to be Vaisyas.  We need to be owners, because we are ideological outlaws and lepers who will not be allowed any kind of government or corporate sponsorship, and all gov’t and corporate sponsorships must proactively celebrate diversity if at all possible, unless it’s a commando unit or high level engineers who keep civilization running.  Then mandatory diversity isn’t quite so necessary, though still desired.

The only way to avoid mandatory diversity is to own the properties, own the businesses.  We need to be like the Indians and Pakistanis.

In fact, the BOSCO (indian/pakistani) purposeful takeover of all stores in the US was a strategy to drive white people out of the merchant niche, because we could use the merchant niche as a redoubt to raise our armies.

We didn’t pay attention to the merchant niche because it wasn’t heroic.  TV and movies filled our heads with heroic fantasies, and made us ignore the real world around us, so the Hajjis bought all the 7-11’s out from under us.

What is the great virtue of the deprogrammed?  The ability to see what’s in front of his nose.  Not to be arguing in the clouds, hoping the clouds will have an effect on the real world.  They won’t.

Our work is cut out for us, and it is very unheroic but it’s not especially dangerous., except that it’s stressful.  By the way, movie recommendation.  Watch this:

12 parts, watch the whole thing.  Well worth it.  The merchant as warrior.

If you are an employer and/or a landlord, you learn all about the proles.  You learn how they think up close and personal.  You meet a lot of sociopaths — people who only go through life scamming.  For example, landlord reference.  “All my past landlords were bastards who assaulted me and/or went into my apartment and messed up my stuff, but you’re a good guy so you’ll be nice to me.”  Hahaha!  When they say that, it means that they are the scumbags and they got evicted.  One of them used his father, rather than his real ex-landlord, as his reference.

Constantly asking for “a break” or “work with me.”  There are set phrases that the proles use when they want to rip someone off.  You learn to read people, and you get a very very cynical view of mankind.  Any appeal for mercy or generosity is an attempt to rip you off.  Mercy and generosity are merely weaknesses to be exploited.

You know what’s interesting is the Indian landlords get ripped off a lot by Americans.  American sob stories work real good on them, and the Indians are morally intimidated by American proles.  They will probably harden up and learn the culture after a while, but the ones with the accents get pushed around by the proles.

The Indians often make bad business decisions too.  They aren’t naturally brilliant merchants or something; but they do it and no one else does, so it’s kind of a cakewalk for them. That’s why they are so successful — they actually show up and do it, and Americans don’t.

Americans’ heads are full of heroic dreams from TV, and they don’t see what’s in front of their face.

The merchant as the warrior.  Heroic fantasies obscuring grasp of reality. Alliance between city and country.  A retreat to the Vaisya caste, and more!  There’s certainly a lot of ideas in here that Reactionaries could be further refining and weighing.  I have my own thoughts on all of these things that I shall perhaps lay out in the future, but my purpose here today is to merely put forth these ideas for further analysis.



4 thoughts on “Guest Post: Merchants, Mind Control, and Anti-Heroics

  1. mindweapon 12/30/2013 / 5:49 PM

    Thanks for posting this! I wish I had taken more time and edited it more, it rambles a bit, but the ideas are all in there.

  2. Wally D. 12/31/2013 / 1:18 PM

    Deprogramming our fellow sheeple is a very nobleand rewarding endeavor and we citydwellers do need a common bug-out place, in the countryside.

  3. PGTB 12/31/2013 / 4:49 PM

    “Constantly asking for “a break” or “work with me.” There are set phrases that the proles use when they want to rip someone off. You learn to read people, and you get a very very cynical view of mankind. Any appeal for mercy or generosity is an attempt to rip you off. Mercy and generosity are merely weaknesses to be exploited.’

    This is very true. I work as a teacher in a prole heavy part of the deep south and every day is a crisis in the lives of these children. They learn early on that sympathy sells, especially in our Oprahized times.

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