A crunch of Bone…

Among my proclivities, I happen to be a casual fan of Mixed Martial Arts.  I even wrote a short paper on it for one of my university courses.  You don’t need to be a fan of the sport though, to have heard the recent news that fighter Anderson Silva, in his bout against Chris Weidman, snapped his leg in two at the shin, ending the match and ensuring that he won’t be stepping into the ring for a good long time.

The responses to this have been fairly predictable.  A lot of people immediately brought up a video made a year ago by Bas Rutten as to how to avoid breaking your shin when throwing low kicks.  Some have pointed out that the injury may have been intentional, as Weidman trained leg checks in order to counter Silva’s low kicks.  Even the mainstream media hopped in on the discussion.  TIME, a once serious and respected media outlet, proved once again their fear of anything even remotely associated with testosterone by labeling MMA “too violent.  I shy away from personal attacks here at “The Legionnaire”, and I won’t make an exception in this case, but I will say that the author of that piece looks like the kind of person who would claim that MMA is too violent.

Do these analyses have some merit?  Yes, but as per usual, I’m going to eschew the obvious point of discussion and focus on something deeper that I see.  Now, the point that all of the previous analyses have made is that they focus on the rarity of something like this, how the odds of it happening are incredibly slim, and even though there might be steps to take to prevent this sort of thing, one would have to be very prescient indeed to prepare and accommodate something like this.

I don’t think I like the underlying paradigm these guys are operating off of.  Yes, something like this is incredibly rare, but far from unheard of.  Injuries happen.  This kind of injury happens.  What all these analyses are doing isn’t just to rationally explain why this happened, but also to comfort themselves, for if you can rationalize why something happened, you can just as easily rationalize why it won’t happen to you.

The overwhelming majority of people who saw this event were made uncomfortable by it.  This is a natural human reaction, as we sympathize with those who feel pain.  In that moment, we all imagined what it must feel like to have your shin bone snapped savagely in half.  Yet running away from an imaginary feeling because it makes you uncomfortable, and rationalizing your actions later is not an optimal way to approach the situation.

The reality that all those individuals seek to deny is this: crippling injuries happen, and are a risk that is run anytime you engage in intense physical activity.  If you’re a martial artist, you have to realize and accept that grievous injury is always a possibility when you step into a fight, even in circumstances as tightly controlled as professional fighting.

Instead of trying to rationalize away incidents like these, it is imperative that you accept that bad things can and will happen to you. This doesn’t just apply to physical harm.  Bad relationships, financial woes, bureaucratic misfortune…etc.  Life has a way of throwing one for a loop every once in a while.

The lifestyle you live and the choices you make certainly affect how much risk you have to live with day-to-day, yet it can never be eliminated entirely.It doesn’t matter how much risk you’re willing to take.  Sooner or later, the downside you fear will happen.  How will you react when that day comes?

This is what I mean when I call on Reactionaries to be men of steel.  We must possess the fiery will and iron resolve necessary to stay focused and disciplined no matter the circumstances that befall us.  This isn’t a reactionary thing, a traditional thing, and anti-modern thing, or anything of the sort.  This is a life thing, one that any Legionnaire would be prudent to embrace.

Accept risk.  Accept danger.  Accept that bad things will happen.  Minimize the odds of them occurring if that’s what you prefer, but never think that you can avoid the unpleasant entirely.

As thoughtcriminals professing beliefs that inveigh against modern orthodoxy, we already take on a certain amount of risk in regard to public perception and financial livelihood.  Every so often, the more public among us get swatted.  We need to accept that this sort of thing could happen to any one of us, and make arrangements to deal with this inevitability, if not for ourselves personally, then for our brethren in revolt against the modern world.  We need to strengthen the bonds among us, and form a community with ties deeper than the electronic.  Then, we can begin assessing courses of action that are not merely reactive, but also proactive.

What will we do when the hammer of the Cathedral swings down upon us, when we are truly tested and forced to fight to survive?  That is when we will truly be defined. That is what we need to be ready for.



2 thoughts on “A crunch of Bone…

  1. mindweapon 12/31/2013 / 7:19 PM

    I emailed you about wing chun. It’s a very good “gentleman’s style” of fighting. I predict that wing chun or some variation will be a signature of the Dark Enlightenment.

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