Looking Backwards, Looking Forwards, and Dark Linkage

Once again, as occurs every year, our brush with Janus has been completed.  Now, as we move further away from the boundary between the years, it seems prudent to follow tradition and allow a moment of reflection for what has past and what will be.

Nick Land has put up a short recap of this year in Reaction, but if that’s not enough for you, head on over to Radish for what can only be described as the “Not-Quite-Yet-But-Soon-It-Will-Be Definitive Guide to Reaction in 2013”.  As of this writing, Radish only covers the first 5 months of the year (hence the “not-quite-yet” bit), but what they do have at the moment is incredibly detailed, and one can be certain that Mr. Boetel’s analysis of the latter seven months of the year will be equally meticulous.

Just as the new year is thought of as a time of rebirth and new beginnings, so too are we witnessing new beginnings in the Reactionary community.  The year is young indeed, but already we welcome new Reactionary blogs into the world.  First, we have the long-awaited blog of famed Reactionary Twitterer E.H. Looney.  Granted, it’s on Tumblr, bastion of Tumblr feminists and other social justice warriors, but it suits Mr. Looney’s style, and in conjunction with a few other Reactionary Tumblrs, could serve as a beachhead on which to establish a presence on that social network.  Reactionaries versus Tumblr feminists on their hometurf?  Talk about lions among lambs.  I can’t wait to see how that goes down…

On an unrelated note, we need to create a reactionary neologism for “one who uses Twitter” that sounds less effeminate that “Twitterer”.  I propose “Twitter Lord”.

Second, we have a blog that technically isn’t a child of 2014, being born in the final days of 2013, but I’m a big picture person, not a details person, so permit me this oversight.  I present to you Henry DampierHe may just be a twitter bot designed to market açai berry, but I look forward to seeing more from him nonetheless.

On a more personal note, I’ve quite enjoyed this blogging thing greatly.  It took me some time to get into a consistent rhythm, but I think I’ve got a fair handle on this whole “regular posting” schtick.  I honestly thought I’d run out of things to say, but as 2014 dawns, I find myself with more, not fewer, ideas I wish to put forth.

My personal schedule has ensured that I don’t know how consistently I’ll be able to post in the first several months of this year. Make no mistake, though, this blog will not be going dark anytime soon, not when there’s so much excitement on the horizon.  The reaction has only really just begun, and you can be damn sure that this Legionnaire will continue to march onwards.



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