The Path to Legionnaire: The Modern World

I must admit, for a time I was rather confused as to to what to do with this section of “The Path to Legionnaire“.  I had originally intended to give a brief analysis of the state of the modern world, but it would seem flippant for me to do so, considering the best analysis of the modern world I have ever run across is Neoreaction itself.  I certainly can’t hope to do a better job of explaining our current state of affairs than the entire ideological movement of which I am only a small part!

Even looking at Reaction as a whole, how am I supposed to briefly summarize concepts like Game, Human Biodiversity, and Neoreaction in only a couple thousand words?  Could I manage it?  Yes, with great difficulty, but would that really accomplish what I have set out to do?  I am not so sure…

So perhaps I could lay out some sort of guide as to how to look at the world like a Neoreactionary, but waitThat’s already been doneBetween Bryce and I, we’ve covered how to look at the world and the thing that happens to be looking at the world.  It makes little sense for me to reinvent the wheel here.

So what’s a Legionnaire to do? I realized that there’s one thing many of my posts so far have been missing, to a certain degree: Narrative.

So instead of presenting some sort of logical or philosophical analysis, I’m going to share why I’m a reactionary, as opposed to any of the other ideologies that present themselves to me.  I certainly accept the logic of Neoreactionary arguments, but logic motivates few people.  Logos always plays second-fiddle to ethos and pathos.  You can inveigh against this or engage with the world by the rules of the world.  I know which one I prefer…

Let me share with you my story.

First off, I think men ought to be masculine beings, like they were in the past.   The castrated, gender-neutral “utopia” of certain radical leftists is no utopia, but a dystopia in my eyes (and really, isn’t the difference between utopia and dystopia a matter of perception?), and I oppose its implementation.  I want an arrangement that appreciates and celebrates masculinity and in which societal factors incentivize the cultivation of masculine traits like strength and courage.  I’m not necessarily calling for something so extreme as Anarcho-Fascism, but almost anything would be preferable to the current arrangement.,  Hence, I reject how we treat sex roles in current societies, and react against it.

I’m also aware enough to realize that the myth of the United States as being a bastion of freedom and liberty is more fancy rhetoric than hard fact. In fact, one might consider the US to be essentially a communist country.  As Free Northerner has pointed out, there’s certainly some evidence to support that assertion

Communist or not though, the US just isn’t a free country.  Now, I personally don’t consider freedom to be the greatest thing in the world.  Most people can’t handle it and end up flaming out in the presence of it.  True freedom is terrifying to all but the most aristocratic of the Natural Aristocracy.  Most people need some structure, and it would be cruel to give them freedom.  Still, we don’t even give freedom to those that deserve it.  Our government watches over everyone using the NSA.  Those with the innate capability to use drugs wisely are denied access to them.  Those who call themselves “Pro-Choice” would take away your ability to choose to smoke in a restaurant, to keep your shoes on in an airport, to purchase firearms, and to live without giving money to failing school systems and degenerates on welfare (though they will support your “right” to an abortion).  The eternal words of Tacitus seem to apply: “The more corrupt the state, the more numerous the laws.”

The modern United States has does have a lot of laws.  We must therefore consider the possibility that it is corrupt, and even if not corrupt, it is more likely than not a less than optimal structure for governing Americans.  I thus react against the current societal arrangement on political grounds.

I also don’t like the way our language is being altered, for it is starting to comes eerily close to a type of Orwellian Newspeak.  For example, the phrase “Illegal Immigrant” is already not being used by the Associated Press, is banned by certain universities, and it was nearly banned by The New York Times.  Can one think of a more efficient phrase to describe one who has immigrated into a country illegally?  Of course not.  There is none.  Yet even this phrase has become the subject of controversy.  Factual terms like this should not be subject to such absurdities.

Make no mistake, language itself is a battlefield nowadays, and those on the Right need to fight back.  Because I do not accept the modernist distortion of language, I find myself revolting against the modern world on linguistic grounds.

I also reject modernist interpretation of history, which posits an unceasing march towards “Progress” (have progressives ever actually defined that term?) inevitably resulting in “The End of History“.  Instead, I view history as a series of cycles (as touched upon by men such as John Bagot Glubb and in books like “The Fourth Turning).  Instead of assuming an inherent teleology to human civilization, I say that history is a cyclical ordeal, not a linear one, and that the cycles of history can (for lack of a better term) be “surfed”.  I also happen to think that many traditional norms and rituals are established methods for societies to ride the wave of historical cycles with minimal deleterious effect, and so I find myself rejecting Modernism on historical grounds.2-10-julius-evola-stockholm-riots

Still, no Western country is traditional in any sense of the world, and thus we lack the framework and rituals needed to weather the storm of historical forces.  So what are we to do?

On a societal level, of course, we can revert to a more Reactionary culture and system of governance.  Still, barring drastic circumstances, I don’t see that happening, though I do think the future will provide ample opportunity for reactionaries to take things back a bit.

On an individual basis, though, there’s little one can do.  So what paths are there that one can take?

There are two main categoriesSubvert or Exit.  Basically, “Subvert” is sticking around and trying to change things, while “Exit” is getting the hell out of Dodge.

So what do I intend to do?  Long-term (very long-term?), I intend to exit, and keep the fires of Western Civilization burning through my familial line (as well as any ideological adherents who choose to follow me).  While I’m still here though (which will be for a while yet), I’ll be doing my best to stabilize and preserve Western Civilization and its ideals.

Bear in mind though, many Western Countries can’t be saved.  The United States as a whole is beyond resuscitation.  It is like a dead whale, a great Leviathan that is sinking to the floor of the sea, where its carcass will nourish all the bottom-feeders and other denizens of the deep.  Those who wish to save the idea of “The West” cannot expect the dead and decaying nations that currently limp on to shoulder that burden.  It falls upon different shoulders…our shoulders.  We must carry the flame of Western civilization, that idea that began with the Greeks, passed on to the Romans, and has come down throughout the centuries to us.  If feasting on the carcass of the Great Leviathan is what is needed to give us the strength to achieve that mission, than so be it.  We must do what needs to be done to preserve Western Civilization.

So while United States may be dead (even if no one has realized it yet), I will still seize what opportunity I can.  I will still strive for achievement and success while I am a part of this nation.  I understand that even in circumstances that may seem poor, there is always opportunity.  How can any of us expect to have the capability to carry the fire of Western Civilization if we can’t even make the most of the time we find ourselves in, a far easier and far less burdensome task?

A legionnaire is, above all else, one who conquers.  I may not like the modern world, but I will still seek to cultivate personal excellence, manifest achievement, and attain success.  Not only are these things personally beneficial, but they also provide me a platform from which I can espouse and promote Reactionary ideas.  I can move the Reaction forward by moving myself forward, and in cultivating and refining myself, and I can leverage what influence I to sway the outcome of the battle between Progressivism and Reaction.

The Modern World may be messed up, but that doesn’t mean we have to be.  That is why I call on all those who are willing to become Legionnaires.

That is why I am a Reactionary.



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