March of the Legionnaire

It has always been a part of the ethos of a Legionnaire to seek out new lands to conquer.  Though the years have continued their march, and the Legions have dwindled into what is essentially non-existence, still does this fire burn in the hearts of many.

I am no longer in the United States, but in northern Africa, in territory that was once a part of the Greatest Empire the world has ever known (and has been a colonial possession of various other empires throughout its history).  This will be my situation for the next several months.  I can’t guarantee either regular posting and engagement with fellow neoreactionaries, but I’ll try my best.  I’ll be a bit slower on the trigger than usual if some big issue or neoreactionary hit piece pops up, but if anything of great importance comes up I’ll make an effort to type up a few words.

I’ve got a few posts in the pipeline that I’m tinkering with at the moment.  No promises when I’ll get them out, but I will still be posting on occasion.  I’m not going dark.

Field reports will also be intermixed with my usual fare.  I’ll obviously be taking a Reactionary perspective in these, which, to my knowledge, is not something that has been done for many, many years (and if one considers the writings of British Imperialists to be Reactionary in nature…they certainly weren’t at the time).

Speaking of Reactionary ideas, though I am surrounded by some of the most left-leaning people I have ever met, there are a few students in my program who, though they don’t even read Reactionary blogs, are most definitively Reactionary in philosophy.  It has been most fun discussing with these individuals the glory of European Civilization, the merits of Empire and the truths of Human Biodiversity, and it was a pleasant surprise for all of us involved.

Reaction isn’t just a little idea we in this corner of the internet have stumbled upon.  It is a broader social phenomenon that we self-proclaimed Reactionaries and Neoreactionaries just happening to be reporting on.



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