Dark Linkage: Dark Matter Journal

A while back, there was some discussion on Twitter as to what the best name would be for a Neoreactionary scholarly journal.  It was a fun exercise at the time, but since then had drifted to the back of my mind.

You can imagine my delight, however, when I found out that such a thing was being developed.  Dark Matter Journal has just appeared on the scene, with an opening issue that is as stimulating as it is eclectic.

In its own words:

“Dark Matter collects the best essays from the “neoreactionary” sphere and publishes them in an edited form. Original articles are also published. Content in the journal ranges widely, but its primary focus is on the intersection of politics, history, and human biological diversity.

The neoreaction, or the Dark Enlightenment, is not a unified social movement. The authors published here will agree as often as they disagree, and many operate with different priors or within different intellectual frameworks. The journal therefore values and promotes intellectual diversity.

The journal is published quarterly (more or less), with special issues convened for special purposes.

We have a CanonWe have brilliant and comprehensive online magazines.  We now have a scholarly journal.  Much as I am opposed to the idea of Neoreaction ever becoming a formal institution of its own (it would lose so much of its essence), I am delighted by these manifestations of our growing momentum.



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