On Superiority

Popular culture is easy to malign. The grounds on which to criticize it are near endless. It’s not difficult to prattle on all day about how debased and degenerate American popular culture has become.

There are still a few facets of American popular culture I really like, though. There are a small number of TV shows, for example, that I am willing to spend my time watching. One of these is “House of Cards. The way that main character Frank Underwood goes about achieving his ends is simply magnificent, with many of his actions being such calculated works of brilliance that to outside observers it sometimes seems that everything he wants just falls into his lap. Watching the show, one can’t help but realize that he is a superior being to everyone and everything around him.

Superior. What a word. It is a heavy word with powerful implications, but what does it really mean?

Imagine a man with no special skills or talents. This should not be hard. You probably know several. What can he do with himself in life? Very little. Now imagine that he begins learning and developing skills that he can put to use. He has now gained greater agency with which to shape the world.

Agency is privilege, for with agency one has the privilege of being able to capitalize on greater opportunities. Agency is not just privilege though. Agency is also power, power to change the world as you see fit. It is also status, for those with agency have a greater ability to rise to the top of social hierarchies.

Agency, Privilege, Power, and Status. Four factors with a complex and dynamic relationship among them. It is impossible to increase one without increasing at least two of the others. There is also a word to describe the product of this dynamic relationship: Superiority.

There are those in life who seek to increase their own superiority, and those who seek to tear down the superiority of others. For our intents here, consider this the difference between Master Morality and Slave Morality. I believe that Western Civilization needs a good dose of Master Morality. One of the wonderful things about Neoreaction is that it sets up the requisite philosophical frameworks for ideologies that promote such behavior to flourish.

I doubt I’ll ever run across a Neoreactionary who is opposed to the idea of bettering oneself and trying to achieve a high level of status in a reputable hierarchy. A vehement anti-egalitarianism is perhaps one of the most fundamental Neoreactionary attitudes.

We spend a great deal of time tinkering with our personal ideologies (as well as the greater Neoreactionary ideology as a whole) in order to reach what might be considered a superior system of beliefs. If we are ever to enact those beliefs though, it is we ourselves who must be superior.

It has been pondered a few times now what Neoreaction could accomplish with a secret billionaire patron. While things on this front might have progressed without my knowing (my circumstances have made it difficult to stay on top of all the fun new developments), I’m going to assume it still isn’t the case quite yet. Given our lack of secret billions, I ask my fellow reactionaries, why not invest out own capital? Why not seek to increase our own resources and put them towards a Reaction?

We can take this further. Many Neoreactionaries are Monarchists, yet none of the heirs of any of the various European Royal Houses are stepping forth and being recognized as legitimate rulers (except by very few). Why not step forward and take charge in our communities, or in our fields of work?

Reaction will not happen when we get our philosophies together. Reaction will not occur if we sit on the sidelines. Reaction will happen when we make ourselves superior individuals, well-placed in society and acting towards Reactionary ends.



4 thoughts on “On Superiority

    • Legionnaire 03/13/2014 / 9:13 AM

      While I appreciate the gesture, I am afraid I must turn it down. Thanks for nominating me though.

  1. pumpsix 03/13/2014 / 11:27 AM

    I think it would be a good idea to have a NeoReactionary census of all bloggers and commenter/readers. Get a general idea (nothing specific) where everyone is located and their individual skills and commitment to the idea, then proceed from there.

    • Aesop Jones 03/13/2014 / 5:19 PM

      Not only that but it would help to establish a hierarchy or at least clear lines of demarcation to keep the idiots and entryists out.

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