Visions of the Future, Shadows from the Past

As I’ve touched on before, I’ve been living for the past two months in Morocco, with another two months left to go. Given that Morocco is one of the last remaining monarchies in the world, I like to think I’ve been making certain other Neoreactionaries jealous. I can tell you all with certainty that you’d all hate it here…alcohol is damn hard to find.  Muslim country and all, you know?

I wouldn’t make too big a deal about it though. With a little foresight and strategic planning, it’s not too difficult to find booze here. As with everything in life, you need to look ahead and make a plan.

What do I see for Neoreaction looking ahead? Well, while I’ve admittedly been less up-to-speed on things in our corner of the internet than usual, I have noticed that we seem to be dealing with fewer hit pieces than usual recently. What does this mean to me? A lot of things, and I can’t help shake the feeling that we’ll be seeing something big coming in, perhaps even later this year. Neoreaction has not fought its final battle, and I get the sense a big one will be coming before the calender reads 2015.

So what’s the plan? That’s hard to say. So far we’ve not needed to do more than circle the wagons and watch as the soft, ineffectual rhetoric of the “mygs” has been torn about the teeth and claws of sympathetic internet commentators. Will we ever be on the receiving end of attacks with bite? Probably at some point.

We’ve got our tactics on how to deal with all of this in the short-term down pat. In the long-term though, I’d like to do more than just play defense. I’d like to shut down their ability to even be able to muster any decent attack. We need to remove all the grounds on which they base their critiques. This means shifting the Overton Window to make everyone realize that they’re the crazy ones. This means making words like “racist” more dangerous to the wielder than the intended recipient.

How are we to go about this? Building a new culture, one that instills and promulgates ideals that build and maintain society, not destroy it. Given the vast wealth of classical works that promote such ideals, re-appropriation is the easiest thing in the world, but we should go further than that. We ought to start creating our own new and original stories and narratives.

This may seem like an odd approach, I grant that. Yet to ignore culture is a great and terrible mistake. Progressive dominance was ushered in by the leftist seizing of cultural narratives. Hollywood is just as culpable (perhaps more so) than Harvard and The New York Times for our current state of affairs. It is the public relations arm of the Cathedral. Whatever the Cathedral wants depicted, it will depict.

I propose fighting fire with fire. Let’s build a better culture. American culture is geared towards satisfying and heightening time-preference. It is meant to appeal to the seed of hedonism in all of us, to bring it out and make us slaves to it. It is the low and base is its most appealing form (with, admittedly, noble and powerful exceptions).

Reactionaries must build a culture that focuses on the high. We need a culture that will inspire and elevate, instead of merely entertain and debase. Think the pursuit of truth, the defeat of evil, and the rule of the best, as opposed to the pursuit of pleasure, the defeat of tradition, and the overthrowing of the nobility. We need a culture that will appeal to the best of humanity, the elite and the aristocratic, as our bulwark against the regression of us all towards the lowest common denominator.

This isn’t a short-term initiative. This isn’t even about the United States anymore. This is about the preservation of the cultural ideals that have sustained Western Civilization since the days of the Ancient Greeks. This is about a return to a culture that facilitates greater stability and cohesiveness and incentivizes the types of behaviors that make civilization work. This is about opening up a new front in the revolt against the modern world.

Neoreaction is what happened when philosophers and other thinkers decided to point out the underlying structural flaws in the Modernist worldview. Neoreactionary culture will arise when the writers, storytellers, and artists decide to do the same thing in their own special way.



5 thoughts on “Visions of the Future, Shadows from the Past

  1. intuitivereason 03/16/2014 / 5:20 AM

    Focus on a society that provides that the strong become great; that the weak may survive.

    Cultivate contempt for the myg, that their will may be strengthened, and their influence diminished.

    Develop a culture that marries well, and that provides discerned lack and risk for the young.

    Develop a culture that is engaged with the environment and the effort required to survive within it.

    Cultivate the capacity to discriminate. Understand the difference between race and the individual, and the situations where each are important. Regression to the norm is an important reality that must be synthesised into culture; the honour extended to the capacity and culture displayed by an individual must only conditionally extend to the following generation.

    The headspace change required to transition to reaction is fascinating to observe in one’s self and quite challenging. There is a lot of work I still have to do, especially with the integration of the above attitudes with my faith. Once you take the blinkers off, you have to deal with a lot of complexity.

  2. argus 03/20/2014 / 9:44 PM

    To create a Neoreactionary culture we need neoreactionaries to start collaborating on creative projects–projects that aren’t specifically about Neoreaction but that manifest our worldview. Sure it’s great if individuals work on their own projects too, but atomization is one of the biggest potential dangers to the continued development of this whole thing. All of us lurking around the same dozen blogs and nodding our heads a lot won’t do much to bring our ideas into the real world, and it won’t create the human connections any culture needs to thrive.

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