Dark Linkage: Hestia Society for Social Studies

Growth, it seems, comes in fits and spurts.  It is hard to predict the occurrence of these spurts, but if the context is suitable for expansion, then it could come at any time.

I have stated elsewhere, I don’t think we’re going to see a great deal of expansion of Neoreaction per se.  This is not to say that our numbers will not swell with time, but that the main vehicles upon which Neoreactionary ideology will spread will be Neoreaction-derived subcultures and broader reactionary movements with some Neoreactionary influences.  I also suspect that the spread of Neoreactionary memes among the larger proto-reactionary public will be another vector for the spread of our ideas, but all this is a discussion for another time.

This in mind, Neoreaction is in no way done with moving forward.  We see now the next step in this journey: The Hestia Society for Social StudiesThe purpose is simple: take the herd of cats that is the Neoreactionary community, bring them together, and serve as a launching point for projects of Neoreactionary interest.

This is another piece of groundwork upon which to build further expansion.  I recommend taking a moment to browse through the site.  The “About section, for example, contains this little gem:

The purpose of the Hestia Society for Social Studies is to not only diagnose the cancer at the heart of the West’s decline, but to propose a cure.

I’d say that’s a pretty damn good summary of what Neoreaction as a whole is all about.



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