Subversion versus Exit, East versus West, and Eternal Recurrence

I’ve always been a little bit surprised that there hasn’t been more tension within Neoreaction between those who favor subversion and those who favor exit. However, when Nick Land recently made his case for the merits of exit, fireworks broke out in the comment section. Certain of the Sino-Supremacist remarks Land made no doubt contributed to the intensity of the discussion, and they certainly seemed to have touched a nerve among the more Ethno-Nationalist and Occidental-Traditionalist sympathizers.

I can relate. It always hurts to be told that you aren’t the best, and to have powerful arguments made to that effect, but while there are a few details and minor points he puts forth that I might not entirely agree with, I do think the underlying principle he is describing is correct. Western Civilization is in decline, and Eastern Civilization is going to become the pinnacle of orderly civilization in the world as the West continues to decay.

Western Civilization was incredibly successful while it lasted, of course, and the East is standing on the shoulders of giants in its quest to reach further upward. Still, the apogee of Western Civilization has passed. The last great triumph of West over East was the collapse of the Soviet Union, and I do not foresee another big win for the West on the horizon anytime soon. The future offers nothing but decline. In the far future, it is very possible that a civilization (civilizations?) based in Europe or North America will rise to global prominence and superpower status, but that is something to be expected no less than hundreds or even thousands of years from now.

So what is one to do? Well, Western Civilization has certain attributes that I rather like. I would personally like to salvage what I can for my descendants, but I’m not going to pretend that the West can be saved in anything other than tiny pieces. The rot runs too deep and the cancer is everywhere. I doubt much more can be done beyond saving what we can, analyzing where things went wrong, and hope that the conclusions we reach might make it down to our posterity and dissuade them from making the same mistakes.

They will, of course, and there’s nothing we can do about that. Human nature renders it inevitable that history will repeat itself. To break out of this sort of historical cycle altogether would require most unusual circumstances, though I do have a few hypotheses at the back of my mind as to how such a thing might occur…

But I digress. I’d like to take the opportunity to speculate as to how the future will play out. As the East rises in stature relative to the West, we will begin to see a low-level brain drain, as the intelligent, ambitious, and adventurous make their way to lands near the Pacific. We see this happening today in very small numbers, and I predict this trend will pick up. Once the mainstream media notices this, the success of these people (and they will succeed, for they will be among the most elite of the Natural Aristocracy) will be broadcast across the West, and many more will join them. These numbers will be curtailed by controls from both sides, as the West tries to keep people in and the East tries to keep all but the best out, but the migration will still be significant.

There will be plenty who stay in the West though. The exact numbers will also depend on how quickly the West declines and how hard it falls when it hits the floor of its descent (i.e. a full-blown collapse would produce numerous refugees in the process). I personally don’t think we’ll be seeing anything too drastic, but I fully expect a decline in Western power, influence, and standards of living.

 Is Western Civilization worth fighting for? I think it is, doomed as it may be to its fate. I’ll do my part to save it, but I realize that the best thing for it is probably going to be to let it, in its current incarnation, wither and die. That might very well mean fleeing it, taking my human capital (and potential tax revenue) with me in the process.

Subversion might entail exit. Intellectual flight will no doubt accentuate the decline, leaving those who stay behind to pick up the pieces and begin the process of rebuilding Western Civilization. At the end of the day though, I can’t help but be optimistic. The West will rise again. It just has to die first, so that one day it can be reborn from the ashes like a phoenix. Without death there can be no life, and as sappy and sentimental as it sounds, I can’t help but hope that I’ll have a few descendants around who will be able to make that happen.



8 thoughts on “Subversion versus Exit, East versus West, and Eternal Recurrence

  1. mindweapon 03/19/2014 / 6:36 PM

    I’ve been talking a lot about Amy Chua and Robert Kiyosaki lately. Do you know the history of the smallpox vaccine?

    For many years, he had heard the tales that dairymaids were protected from smallpox naturally after having suffered from cowpox. Pondering this, Jenner concluded that cowpox not only protected against smallpox but also could be transmitted from one person to another as a deliberate mechanism of protection. In May 1796, Edward Jenner found a young dairymaid, Sarah Nelms, who had fresh cowpox lesions on her hands and arms (Figure ​(Figure33). On May 14, 1796, using matter from Nelms’ lesions, he inoculated an 8-year-old boy, James Phipps. Subsequently, the boy developed mild fever and discomfort in the axillae. Nine days after the procedure he felt cold and had lost his appetite, but on the next day he was much better. In July 1796, Jenner inoculated the boy again, this time with matter from a fresh smallpox lesion. No disease developed, and Jenner concluded that protection was complete (10).

    Talmudism = smallpox

    Confucianism = cowpox

    WN 2.0 is about vaccinating ourselves with Confucianism/Amy Chua-ism to avoid the lethal infection of Talmudism/smallpox.

    I have a 16 year old daughter. It worked for my family.

    We are far from 100% Confucian. I’m Irish my wife is Russian. It only takes a little dose of Confucianism to absolutely negate Talmudism.

    To bring it down to earth — a Confucian family is going to value education and thrift and higher culture. A child growing up in such a family will find the prole drama of American kids distasteful and beneath him or her.

    Non-Confucian families are afraid of being “superior” to their peers. They want to be accepted by their fellow losers. They value being “working class.” I remember growing up, the worst thing was to be a “snob.” Those were prole values. Prole values are total poison, and they were inculcated even more with movies like Caddyshack and The Karate Kid and such.

    Confucian families look right through the people around them, unless they are also Confucians. Confucians are benignly superior.

  2. Puzzle Pirate (@PuzzlePirate) 03/19/2014 / 9:48 PM

    “I remember growing up, the worst thing was to be a “snob.” Those were prole values.”

    We must have grown up in the same neighborhood.

  3. Europa Rex 03/21/2014 / 10:37 AM

    My view is this: It is pointless to try to salvage what remains as the cancer at this point is terminal. If you have to resort to authoritarian means to maintain what you have, this imples death-throes.

    I propose Enlightened Savagery. If Rome is crumbling, be the Barbarian at the gates. From the death of one thing, a new one will be born. Such is the cycle of life and of civilization.

  4. TomA 03/24/2014 / 12:42 AM

    An addict needs to hit bottom before there is any real hope of recovery (which is nevertheless still a low probability). Hitting bottom sooner rather than later will likely produce a high bottom versus catastrophically low bottom. The cancer analogy is apt and should be your guide to effective remedies.

  5. Wald 03/25/2014 / 11:26 AM

    “They will, of course, and there’s nothing we can do about that. Human nature renders it inevitable that history will repeat itself. To break out of this sort of historical cycle altogether would require most unusual circumstances, though I do have a few hypotheses at the back of my mind as to how such a thing might occur…”

    I’d like to hear those thoughts.


  6. Wally D. 03/31/2014 / 12:07 PM

    Lots of bright young professionals are leaving America, not only due to better opportunities, abroad, but to escape huge student loans, which in many cases cannot be repaid.

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