Friday Night Fright

(Trigger Warning: I just got back from bar-hopping with my brother and right now I think I’m far cleverer than I actually am)

I am Sam.  Sam I am.

That Sam-I-am!
That Sam-I-am!
I do not like that Sam-I-am!

Do you like
the liberal plan?

I do not like it, Sam-I-am.
I do not like
the liberal plan.

Would you like it
here or there?

I would not like it
here or there.
I would not like it anywhere.

I do not like
the liberal plan.
I do not like it, Sam-I-am.

Do you like their plan for gays?
It’s all the rage with folks these days.

I do not care about the gays.
I don’t support their r-type ways.
I don’t believe that “homophobia”
holds us back from gay utopia.
I do not like
the liberal plan.
I do not like it,

Do you care about the trans?
Helping them should be in your plans.

None of my plans
Consider the trans.
I’ll take no stand
Nor lift my hands.
I will not help them
in their cause.
I will not help them make new laws.
I do not like the liberal plan.
I do not like it, Sam-I-am.

I know now why these folks you diss.
Check your privilege.  Here it is!

I’d rather drink lukewarm horse piss.

You must do it. You will see.
Checking your privilege will set you free.

I do not subscribe to that theory,
It’s unfinished philosophy.

Privilege is inheritance
that whites pass on to descendents,
But only in western countries
(Other places do as they please).
The notion’s not unjustified
(a truth that many wish to hide).
I do not like the liberal plan.
I do not like it, Sam-I-am.

Racist! Sexist!
Fascist! Bigot!
Shut your mouth you hateful idiot!

Are those words meant to cause me shame?
That approach is pretty lame.

Feelings do not govern my mind.
I’ve left such childish ways behind.
Emotions make the mind go numb
And when that happens you act dumb.
I don’t wish to suffer that fate,
In your case though, we’re far too late.
I do not like the liberal plan.
I do not like it, Sam-I-am.

But what about diversity?
You deny it’s good for you and me?

There’s little benefit, you see.

That’s a sign of a xenophobe.

You have malfunctioning frontal lobes.
Intra-group diversity
Is wonderful for you and me,
While inter-group diversity
Makes you more like those in your thede.
So fuck your false “diversity”!
I’d rather think so uniquely,
In a manner that’s wholly me.
I do not like
the liberal plan.
I do not like it,

Why don’t you care about oppression?

I’m more concerned with black aggression.

You’re talking like an evil racist.

All this name-calling you should desist.
Your ability to guilt me does not exist.

This is your problem, you should know:
You’ve no substance, you’re only show.
You care about contrived issues,
But logic? No, that you eschew.
You do not care for social norms,
You bash them from your college dorms.
You take for granted civilization
And conclude it an abomination.
You can’t maintain society.
You know nothing of hard work nor honesty.

I do not like the liberal plan!
I do not like it, Sam-I-am.

You do not like it. So you say.
Try it! Try it! And one day,
You’ll be liberal too, I say!

Sam! I know all your arguments,
And they leave me malcontent.

You know what I like? Neoreaction!
I think I’ll sign up with this faction.
I like their wisdom and their stoats,
I like their insights and their quotes!

I think they are a brilliant bunch,
I read their blog posts during brunch.
They weigh ideas so expertly,
Their writings are so good, you see!

Unlike leftists, they’re not castrati.
Unlike leftists, they are not haughty.
Though some may smoke more than they should,
Their presence is a force for good.
The might of their cognitive force,
Blows out of the water mainstream discourse.

To their ideas
I feel attraction.
I do so like



An Open Letter to Feminist Women of Color…

To feminist women of color,


I got the idea for this letter a few weeks ago, when I overheard one of your brethren saying how she had opted not to go out that night because (and I quote as best I can remember) “WP’s act like children when drunk” and “WW’s are the worst because whenever you go out with you friends you always end up playing babysitter”.

Frankly, I’m a little miffed that you think I can’t figure out a code as flimsy as “WP’s” and “WW’s”, but I digress. I’m not going to be offended about that. Frankly, I agree with you. White women especially can get pretty awful when drunk. I understand where you’re coming from on this.

What I can’t understand, though, is why you stick up for these people. Here’s the thing: the individuals this particular woman was talking about were all young, progressive-leaning women of college age who identified as feminists. Young, white feminists. In other words, they are your allies as feminist women of color. Yet, why do you support them?

On the surface, you all purport to hold the same ideals dear: gender equality, an end to rape culture, sexual and reproductive freedom…etc. Still, I am one of those individuals who always finds himself looking deeper, and I can’t help but notice that in practice, white feminists have very different aims from feminists of color.

Feminism is a white movement. It has been from the beginning. One might even say that the feminist system has it its core an implicit whiteness that sometimes has trouble reconciling the needs of the other. It certainly seems at times to uphold the idea of the white woman as the perfect feminist icon. How does that make you feel?

But this is a little abstract. Let’s examine an example: Sheryl Sandberg. As a woman who has achieved monumental success working within the male-dominated tech industry and who provided the inspiration for the Lean In movement, she is without doubt one of the most notable feminist icons in the United States today.

We are, of course, talking about someone who has taken flack for using and attempting to extort others, who has not been so egalitarian when it comes to who she helps “lean in”, and who seem to not want to talk about diversity at Facebook. Worst of all, it wouldn’t be off-base to accuse her of co-opting the Lean In movement for reasons of personal marketing and using false statistics when it makes herself seem relevant.

I bring this up because this sort of behavior is symbolic of how all white feminists have treated their feminist sisters of color, treating them as props for social status and using them as stepping stones on their career path, if not ignoring them completely.

Search your feelings. You know this to be true. Feminism was never about you. It was about white women, and you’re just a footnote to them. Have you ever felt that sometimes white feminists were being disingenuous around you, or maybe even toward you? Trust those feelings.

Now, I admit it, white feminists are powerful allies. I can understand if you don’t want to break with them entirely. Still, it seems clear that their interests are not your interests, and tying yourself to them completely will serve only to help them get what they want at the expense of you getting what you want.

If you’re really as proud as you say you are (and I certainly don’t see why you shouldn’t be), than you should know you can do better than that. No matter how much white feminists may talk about “empowerment”, you’re smart enough to know that’s a myth. That aren’t empowering you. They’re using that sort of rhetoric to keep you down. Deep down, they understand a fundamental truth about power: Power that is given to you is power that cannot be relied upon. The only power you can completely trust is that which you have worked for and seized for yourself.

White feminist pulled one over on you so they could sleep around and do as they please without consequence while still being guaranteed a comfy job in marketing or human resources once they were done, using you when they needed and ignoring you when it was convenient. Solidarity is for white women indeed

Now, I get it. They may not be perfect, but they’re still feminists. They’re still your sisters. I get it. They’re also still white. I’ll leave you to decide which matters more (no judgment).

Finally, one last thing. Ta-Nehisi Coates recently made the case that blacks deserve reparations for slavery and their treatment throughout the history of the United States. Might feminists of color deserve reparations from their white sisters too?

The Shadows on the Strings: Part One

I’ll be mixing things up a bit for the next few weeks as I sprinkle in some fictional fare that I’ve been writing as of late.  It will be somber at times, flippant at others, and will consistently be integrating and exploring Neoreactionary themes.  If the feedback is good (and please give your feedback on this endeavor, for it will be highly influential on future efforts) I might make it a more regular thing.  With this in mind, I’d like to officially present part one of my first Neoreactionary short story: The Shadows on the Strings

It was a cold, wet, rainy day. Jonathon walked along the city sidewalk, raincoat pulled up to his ears, trying to avoid the puddles quickly forming in the numerous potholes dotted throughout the concrete. The recent city reports said that the infrastructure was in “fair condition” and “posed no danger to civilians”. Jonathon didn’t believe it for a second. He knew the guy who had crunched the data for those reports. He knew the numbers had been fudged to cover up.

Jonathon passed a boarded-up building. Two years back, it had been a boxing gym, catering mostly to ex-felons and other individuals with a rough streak and a taste for heavy weights. That alone would probably have been sufficient to get it shut down anyway under the new laws, but it had also drawn fire from local social justice groups for being an unsafe space for individuals of certain oppressed groups. Accusations of “hetero-masculine persuasions” and “perpetuating gendered untruths” peppered the city news-blog, and even the pink sign on the door that said “All Welcome” hadn’t been enough to dissuade the onslaught.

The owner, a gruff old man with silver hair and lighting-fast hands whom everyone knew as “Old Mac”, had been questioned and shaken down a bit, but had managed to avoid any worse punishment than a stiff fine. Still, the gym had meant everything to him in his retirement, and without it, Old Mac had taken to the bottle.

Old Mac had passed away five months ago. Without any known family or heirs, the property had passed into city hands, no doubt eventually fated to become public housing or a community center of some sort.

Jonathon arrived at his apartment complex, a grim-looking building with bars on the windows and barbed wire winding around the drainpipes. The scars on the brick facade were a testament to the ’23 riots, which had hit this part of town heaviest. The ghosts of the past were still depressing rent prices in this area, though the past five years had seen a slow but sure uptick.

Jonathon flashed his ID card in front of the scanner. It took three tries before the machine managed to register it correctly. The door began to swing open, but it barely made it halfway before jamming. Jonathon grumbled, and forced his way through what little opening was being offered. Though he was still on the younger side of 35, time was starting to take its toll. He could have easily slipped through the narrow space five years earlier, but he was no longer as svelte as he once was.

While his body was beginning to slow down though, his mind was as quick and agile as it had ever been. Part of this was almost certainly due to his access to certain black-market nootropics. Though technically illegal, Jonathon had been relying on them since his university days. Back then, they had given him an advantage over his peers. Now, they helped him to merely keep up.

Jonathon trudged up the steps, making his way to his small flat. Most days he would stop in on his neighbor Charles and discuss current events or recent films over martinis, but today he was preoccupied for such matters. Turning his key in the lock on his door, he stepped inside his apartment and went straight to his desk. He rifled through the drawers for about a minute until he found what he was looking for: an old notebook.

It had been years since the notebook had been of any use to Jonathon. He certainly hadn’t picked it up for at least the past decade, yet he had never been able to bring himself to throw it away. Tonight, for the first time, he perhaps understood why…


Sons of Abraham

You know what’s funny? The Jewish Question. No, not that Jewish Question. If you’re reading this, you probably know what I mean.

What’s funny about it is that it isn’t really a question. It’s an answer. It’s an answer that says “The Jews are the reason everything is bad…they are to blame for everything”.

Perhaps that’s an unfair categorization of the theory. I’m sure many who subscribe to it aren’t nearly so extreme. Besides, it is certainly true that the presence of Jews happens to be correlated with decline and degeneracy.

On the the hand, Israel happens to be doing fairly well for itself, and I doubt there are too many in this sphere who would claim that a militaristic, ethno-nationalist state is in any way degenerate. On a personal note, I can’t help but think than Benjamin Netanyahu is an impressively skilled politician with a keen and pragmatic nature and I just can’t help but respect him.

But I digress. Let us turn this into a question. Do Jews cause societies that they are a part of to decline?

Once again, Israel. It’s not exactly declining.

But again, perhaps I’m being a bit unfair here. If I’m going to be fully honest, I am agnostic on the Jewish Question. I don’t actually discount it, but I’m less inclined to believe in a hidden Jewish conspiracy to destroy Western Countries than I am to believe in factors like the innate tendencies of Western Europeans, Democracy’s elevation of the lowest common denominator, instant-gratification technologies raising time-preference and training us to seek validation and entertainment instead of achievement, schools training us not to think critically and independently and instead training us to be corporate slaves, and progressivist worship of egalitarianism, among other factors.

If the Jews are responsible for anything, at most it seems that they exacerbate flaws that are already there. If they are to blame, though, what is to be done?

Personally I think it’s far more productive to be for your tribe than it is to be against a different one, whether your tribe happens to be religious, ethnic, political, cultural, or otherwise. Be productive. Don’t destroy, build. Don’t deconstruct, develop.

It is absolutely true that a certain degree of creative destruction is necessary for innovation and production. You’d have to be a fool to dispute that point. As such, being for your group will necessitate being against a different group if those two groups are brought into conflict. With that in mind, you will always accomplish more trying to attain your own goals than trying to thwart someone else’s plans.

So where to go from here? Once again, it seem to boil down to that great Neoreactionary dichotomy: Subvert or Exit.

The more I think about the matter, the more I favor exit over subversion. For fun, let’s ignore other factors and examine this position through the lens of the Jewish Question.

Let’s say the Jews are the cause of decline in Western Society and they really are as sneaky and subversive as some people claim. Okay. Are you really going to try to beat them at their own game?

Assume now that the Jews are not the only cause of decline, but they are just as sneaky and subversive as some people claim nonetheless. Even if you can out-play them, that will only go so far to save Western Civilization.

If they are not subversive and sneaky, they cannot possibly be the cause of decline, unless, of course, their collective actions promote some kind of decline effect, similar to how the uncoordinated striving of liberals in key positions toward similar goals gives rise to “The Cathedral”. Even in this case, though, the Jews either are “The Cathedral” or they represent a particularly effective branch of it (or at least, an allied phenomenon…or possibly a parasite that has hijacked “The Cathedral” for its own ends).

Regardless of which possibility happens to be the case, subversion seems an impotent strategy. The Cathedral-State is an arena set up to destroy all competitors. No matter who you’re fighting for, victories against the home team are going to be few and far between, and as the beast continues to die, it will lash out all the more viciously at any perceived threats.

Pull out of The Cathedral-State. Build your own communities. Hide them within the Cathedral-State if you have no other option, but make sure that your loyalty is to each other, not the great Leviathan who would devour you all. Devise winning strategies to slow the decline, tweak them, and implement them. Make the best preparations you can for the future.

Always have exit as a plausible option though, and if you ever see that possibility slipping away from you, take it before it’s too late.

Update: It seems Mindweapon has had related thoughts on his mind today.


The Fires of Youth

Today is my 21st birthday. My unstoppable march towards death continues, and I can now claim another year to my name.

I’ve been thinking a lot about what this means, and where I am right now. I’ve been thinking about how young I really am, both in the grand scheme of things and even amongst our little Neoreactionary thede that we’ve been building.

I’ve been thinking about the bad habits I have that I’d like to rid myself. Cleansing myself of them sounds like a good side task to accomplish over the next 12 months. After all, here at “The Legionnaire” excellence is one of the highest virtues, and to paraphrase Aristotle “Excellence is a habit”.

I’ve been thinking about how listless and directionless I am. I have no idea what I want to do in life. I have no idea what my life purpose happens to be (if such a thing exists…I am skeptical of the entire concept). I have no idea what I’ll be doing a year from now. All bets are off past that point.

I’ve been thinking about a point belabored by many before me, the lack of societal rituals signifying ones’ ascension to manhood. The Maasai would send male teenagers off with a spear in the expectation that you would come back with a lion. What do we have in our time? The closest thing we seem to have in our time is the college graduation, or perhaps the drunken 21st birthday celebration (of which I expect to take little meaning from the former and I intend to forgo the latter).

I’ve been thinking about whether or not I am truly an adult yet. In any other time but this one, I would be. But am I? I don’t know. I want to be. I’m trying to be. Is that enough? I don’t know. I don’t think it is.

I’ve been thinking about why I’m even confused in the first place. I’ve been thinking about how our society invented the concept of “adolescence” and uses it to keep our youth suspended in a limbo of continued “education” as long as possible, sacrificing the energy and dynamism of youth for a obedient populace that will sit down, shut up, and live their lives as cogs in a machine going nowhere.

Man needs meaning but we have replaced meaning with anti-depressants.

We can do better, but we cannot rely on society to do better for us. If we wish to do better, the burden lies upon ourselves. We need to plan and set that course for ourselves. There are near infinite options to go about this, of course, and no two paths will be the same for any two individuals. The best advice I can offer is this first step: Take a look at what society is telling you to do, and do something different.

I can’t quite claim I’m in any position to give anybody advice, though, so take that suggestion at your own discretion. I certainly think I am correct in that assertion, but who am I to say?

Enough. It is time for me to put these worries aside. Doubts and fears and caveats have their place, but they offer no substance, only ash and shadows. Let us go forward illuminated by fire. Let us not be held back by fear and darkness.

I offer up a rallying cry to my peers and to those younger than even I. Let’s forge our own paths. Let’s pursue our own interests. Let’s direct our own educations. Let’s reject this dying society by transcending it, by choosing life and forging ourselves into something greater than what lies ahead for us otherwise. Let’s flee this system as much as we can. Let’s start the world.

Neoreaction expects that every man will do his duty.

It is always worth raising a glass to the future, for the future is full of opportunities and possibilities. Just look at the past for proof of this. A year ago I had no idea what “Neoreaction” was, I had never read “Moldbug”, and if I had to guess, I would have said that “The Dark Enlightenment” was the name of an emo-punk band.

It wouldn’t be inaccurate to say that I’ve been through just a bit of intellectual development since then.

And so with all this in mind, I now raise my glass. Welcome to the future, lads. Let’s make it one that pleases us.


A Multicultural Gedankenexperiment

Human Biological Diversity is one of the central ideas of several different strains of “Dark Enlightenment” crimethink. It is also considered to be pseudo-science by many who can’t bring themselves to accept the implications (which are probably not quite so extreme as many of its most ardent proponents suggest, but that is a topic for another time).

Let’s imagine that it is true that HBD is pseudo-science. Let’s imagine that all the findings and implications are utter rot, and that not one aspect of human diversity can be explained to any degree by biological factors. All of a sudden, we can only ascribe the differences among societies to either cultural or environmental factors. It’s an extreme position, I know, but some people actually believe this.

Under this paradigm, the importance of having a culture that promotes functional society is even more important than in any model that accepts human biological diversity. It means that setting up a culture that promotes stable families, low time-preference, and other stabilizing factors is an issue of even greater magnitude than if we accept biological differences among human populations.

It also means that changes to an established culture have to be weighed even more carefully, for without the influence of HBD factors, culture becomes even more precious, especially if it is a culture that promotes a successful society.

It also means that multiculturalism serves not to “enrich” societies, but rather, to act as a sort of averaging mechanism, promoting regression to the mean across all societal traits. This serves to elevate cultures that are less capable of developing and upholding functional societies, but the flip-side of this coin is that it tears down the most high-achieving and functional cultures.

This means that one cannot build a multicultural society that also happens to be the pinnacle of excellence (great “multicultural” societies of the past have been a bit less multicultural in practice). Even if human biological differences don’t matter, multicultural societies are destined to be no better than average.

An interesting implication that arises in this context is that multi-racial societies can be exceedingly pleasant and functional places to live as long as they happen to be mono-cultural.

Let’s pull ourselves out of this thought experiment and discuss some of the implications*. I actually agree (to some extent, at least) with the implication that multi-racial but mono-cultural societies have the potential for high-level, advanced society. I absolutely believe that strong cultural homogeneity can ease (though not totally eliminate) racial tensions within a society.

I’m even willing to posit that a “soft” multiracialism, in the form of what can perhaps be more accurately described as a multi-ethnic society (think Germans+French+Swiss or Italians+Greeks…etc), can lead to a society that serves as a leader and a model for the rest of the world. There is actually some historical evidence that this is the case. Bear in mind that within the past 200 years, there was a time when roughly 25% of the world was under the dominion of a multi-ethnic state composed of the English, Welsh, Scottish, and Irish. We must also bear in mind that the United States has been a multi-ethnic society since almost as long as here have been European settlers in the new world, and it’s done fairly well for itself in its time.

Were I to be put in charge of developing a multi-racial society from scratch, and I wasn’t allowed to just segregate everybody, I would first take a small group composed of several different ethnicities and ensure that it had a strong, unifying culture. I would grow it over time, and eventually, I would begin slowly introducing other, less related, ethnicities (using The Legionnaire’s Immigration Policy, of course), until my society could plausibly be described as “multicultural”.

Would it work? Possibly.  I certainly like to think it would.  Astra inclinant, sed non obligant. The stars incline us but they do not bind us. Multi-ethnic societies certainly have the potential to do well for themselves, and it is partly because of this that I am willing to entertain the notion that, in special circumstances, multi-racial societies aren’t necessarily doomed to collapse in on themselves.

*Though I’m hitting the pause button for now, I plant to return to this thought experiment in at least one future post, for I don’t believe that all the implications have been fully fleshed-out and examined.