Sons of Abraham

You know what’s funny? The Jewish Question. No, not that Jewish Question. If you’re reading this, you probably know what I mean.

What’s funny about it is that it isn’t really a question. It’s an answer. It’s an answer that says “The Jews are the reason everything is bad…they are to blame for everything”.

Perhaps that’s an unfair categorization of the theory. I’m sure many who subscribe to it aren’t nearly so extreme. Besides, it is certainly true that the presence of Jews happens to be correlated with decline and degeneracy.

On the the hand, Israel happens to be doing fairly well for itself, and I doubt there are too many in this sphere who would claim that a militaristic, ethno-nationalist state is in any way degenerate. On a personal note, I can’t help but think than Benjamin Netanyahu is an impressively skilled politician with a keen and pragmatic nature and I just can’t help but respect him.

But I digress. Let us turn this into a question. Do Jews cause societies that they are a part of to decline?

Once again, Israel. It’s not exactly declining.

But again, perhaps I’m being a bit unfair here. If I’m going to be fully honest, I am agnostic on the Jewish Question. I don’t actually discount it, but I’m less inclined to believe in a hidden Jewish conspiracy to destroy Western Countries than I am to believe in factors like the innate tendencies of Western Europeans, Democracy’s elevation of the lowest common denominator, instant-gratification technologies raising time-preference and training us to seek validation and entertainment instead of achievement, schools training us not to think critically and independently and instead training us to be corporate slaves, and progressivist worship of egalitarianism, among other factors.

If the Jews are responsible for anything, at most it seems that they exacerbate flaws that are already there. If they are to blame, though, what is to be done?

Personally I think it’s far more productive to be for your tribe than it is to be against a different one, whether your tribe happens to be religious, ethnic, political, cultural, or otherwise. Be productive. Don’t destroy, build. Don’t deconstruct, develop.

It is absolutely true that a certain degree of creative destruction is necessary for innovation and production. You’d have to be a fool to dispute that point. As such, being for your group will necessitate being against a different group if those two groups are brought into conflict. With that in mind, you will always accomplish more trying to attain your own goals than trying to thwart someone else’s plans.

So where to go from here? Once again, it seem to boil down to that great Neoreactionary dichotomy: Subvert or Exit.

The more I think about the matter, the more I favor exit over subversion. For fun, let’s ignore other factors and examine this position through the lens of the Jewish Question.

Let’s say the Jews are the cause of decline in Western Society and they really are as sneaky and subversive as some people claim. Okay. Are you really going to try to beat them at their own game?

Assume now that the Jews are not the only cause of decline, but they are just as sneaky and subversive as some people claim nonetheless. Even if you can out-play them, that will only go so far to save Western Civilization.

If they are not subversive and sneaky, they cannot possibly be the cause of decline, unless, of course, their collective actions promote some kind of decline effect, similar to how the uncoordinated striving of liberals in key positions toward similar goals gives rise to “The Cathedral”. Even in this case, though, the Jews either are “The Cathedral” or they represent a particularly effective branch of it (or at least, an allied phenomenon…or possibly a parasite that has hijacked “The Cathedral” for its own ends).

Regardless of which possibility happens to be the case, subversion seems an impotent strategy. The Cathedral-State is an arena set up to destroy all competitors. No matter who you’re fighting for, victories against the home team are going to be few and far between, and as the beast continues to die, it will lash out all the more viciously at any perceived threats.

Pull out of The Cathedral-State. Build your own communities. Hide them within the Cathedral-State if you have no other option, but make sure that your loyalty is to each other, not the great Leviathan who would devour you all. Devise winning strategies to slow the decline, tweak them, and implement them. Make the best preparations you can for the future.

Always have exit as a plausible option though, and if you ever see that possibility slipping away from you, take it before it’s too late.

Update: It seems Mindweapon has had related thoughts on his mind today.



10 thoughts on “Sons of Abraham

  1. mindweapon 05/09/2014 / 7:35 AM

    Regardless of which possibility happens to be the case, subversion seems an impotent strategy. The Cathedral-State is an arena set up to destroy all competitors. No matter who you’re fighting for, victories against the home team are going to be few and far between, and as the beast continues to die, it will lash out all the more viciously at any perceived threats.

    I could not disagree more, Legionnaire.

    It is possible to be a thoroughly invisible competitor to the Cathedral-State, and mimic being a supporter of it, so that the C-S ends up supporting you.

    You are thinking too much in terms of direct and open competition, of conflicts that could be televised. The real fight is not televised, and many of the fighters are not aware of their participation in a conflict.

    Let me bring it back down from this theorizing, to what it looks like in real life.

    By raising children who are not in front of the television and don’t eat junk food, you are creating competitors to the C-S; you are launching arrows at it that will continue to fly and hit their targets long after you are dead. You aren’t just raising your children with high investment parenting, you are indirectly raising your grandchildren and great-grandchildren, and so on. The effects of high investment parenting can last generations; it can breed great inventors or businessmen or artists.

    Modern life is so degenerated, that a smart homeschooled kid is like the one eyed man in the land of the blind. Like Not Sure in Idiocracy.

    Also, by being an example of what needs to be done, we are parents and teachers to one another. We can influence other European people to be high investment parents and launch their invisible arrows at the C-S.

    The Five Brothers of the House of Rothschild were symbolized as five arrows on their family coat of arms.

    • Legionnaire 05/09/2014 / 6:48 PM

      We actually seem to be on the same page here, save one thing: “the C-S ends up supporting you”. The economic and social resources of the US at large? Very possible with time and devotion. The ruling Cathedral-State itself? I don’t think so. It’s too ideologically devoted to be subverted to opposing interests (though the idea of making it turn in on itself and self-annihilate in a leftist singularity is an interesting thought).

      I should probably point out what I’m conceptualizing here. I use the term “Cathedral-State” to describe the state within a state that rules this country, similar to how the head is both not a part of the body and yet a part of the body.

      Granted, I should probably have made this distinction clear and given it a post of its own, but I’m still tweaking and fleshing out this paradigm so I’ve been holding off. Long story short, as the “Cathedral-State” continues to push the US further and further left, I think Reactionaries of all stripes will find more luck building their own communities/gangs/mannerbunds (secret or otherwise) with no loyalty to the state. I consider that approach to be “exit”, as opposed to working within the system to change it/hijack it for ones own interests.

      • mindweapon 05/09/2014 / 7:12 PM

        The C-S controls the money, who can do what busniess where, and so on. You are trying to reinvent the wheel.

        For example, we need our people in positions such as zoning officer, tax officials, and so on. Pretend to go along with the multicult, but in your actual job, you do what’s good for us.

        We need to train our people to be patient and to become bureaucrats and be masters of minutiae.

        As the system gets more and more corrupt, our infiltrators will have more leeway to do things that are good for us.

        We lost to the Jews because they are masters of minutiae. Have you seen the movie Death of a Salesman? It’s actually a very good example of this. The Jewish boy next door studies and becomes successful, the impatient jock brothers, Biff and Happy, end up on the skids.

        So we know this is our weakness — impatience. We can fix this weakness, and start winning again. But we have to force ourselves to do boring things and be masters of dull things, at least during the work week. Sorry, that’s the way it is in the real world. Not forming some motorcycle gang or something romantic like that.

        • Legionnaire 05/22/2014 / 7:09 PM

          Once again, we agree save for one or two minor details. Whites who are stuck here will have to do certain things and we agree on what they must do. Neoreactionaries pursuing related but not identical goals though? Different approaches might be needed, especially given the radically different natures of the Neoreactionary and WN communities.

  2. mindweapon 05/09/2014 / 7:41 AM

    I have isolated the single character flaw that makes us weaker than Jews, Hindus and Chinese.

    That character flaw is IMPATIENCE!

    Victory through patience and persistence. Just look at the Asians in the universities. How are they better than us? Patience and persistence, that’s how.

    Simple as that my friend.

    Jews, Hindi and Chinese are civilizationally selected races. They are old civilziations. They were studying for exams while we were hunting stags and fighting each other in the European forests with swords and bows and arrows.

    Those thousands of years, the people who studied hard and were patient, were the ones who had more children. Hence it is Darwinian selection.

    We are not selected for that. We are selected for being warriors. We are still Picts and Celts and Saxons. That’s why in modern life, Jews run rings around us. They got a 3000 year head start on us.

    But! But, the internet. We can catch up now, in a matter of a few years.

    Now that we know our single character flaw, we must put all our anguish, all our hate, all our rage, all our desperation, into being patient and persistent and getting rich so we can control economic niches.

    European barbarians wanted to stomp the ants that invaded their picnic. Mindweapon barbarians want to take away the Cheeto that attracted them in the first place. Go after the economic niches that feed the hostile and/or alien elites.

  3. intuitivereason 05/09/2014 / 9:15 AM

    I think characterising the issue as exit or subversion does a disservice in that it makes what will need to be a continuing practice into a singular action.

    What we need to develop are ways and means of achieving coherence and maintaining that. Being of one mind.

    It means making exit an acceptable choice, and making it not as costly as it is now. It means a coming of age that involves accepting the way of the group. It means commanding exile as a means of dealing with subversion and dissension.

    I think this requires the concept of the ‘quirk’. Imagine a hierarchy of communities, which for simplicity I’ll nominate as state, region and town. Each has a leader. The leader of the state sets the overarching law and direction. At each level down, you allow a number (say five) of quirks – deviations, peculiarities, idiosyncrasies of that particular region, or that particular town. An element of character that doesn’t conflict with the overall schema, but personalises for each of the lower level communities.

    It means exit may be as simple as going to the next community over, or another region, rather than leaving the state. It gives scope for leadership, expression, experimentation and distinction.

    Coherence is the key to communities of greatness.

  4. ht95 05/14/2014 / 6:57 PM

    On the the hand, Israel happens to be doing fairly well for itself, and I doubt there are too many in this sphere who would claim that a militaristic, ethno-nationalist state is in any way degenerate.

    Maybe the dichotomy is intentional…they use the degeneracy to weaken and subvert the goy, and keep themselves a higher standard – strength for them, weakness for the goy.

    Recall that dictat – “We corrupt in order to rule”

    You can find information about this in many places, but here are some simple starting points:

    Here is a good article on the issue and here is a video in a similar vein.

    • magus71 05/15/2014 / 11:55 PM

      Occam’s Razor applies. The Jews are not monolithic. The people right in front of us declaring to the world their vision of our future are the problem. Many libs hate Jews.

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