Cognitive Supernova

Something happened to me today which has only happened to me twice before, and even then, in a less intense fashion than today. I was playing around with some ideas related to poverty and inequality, and I began intuitively making some connections, as I am naturally inclined to do. However, my pace grew faster and faster, and suddenly a vast hoard of ideas became flowing in and synchronizing with each other, new connections and patterns syncing up with electrifying speed.

I began writing furiously in my notebook, hoping to capture all the sensations and intuitions flowing through my mind before this burst of magnificent energy faded. 30 minutes later I put down my pen, breathing heavily and utterly spent, my parietal lobes burning from the effort.

Cognitive supernova.

It was not stardust and radiation that I was left with though, but a sparkling new idea, a singular end result that all the previous activity had been working towards. My mind was spent, and as I continued to work back up to full cognitive capacity over the next two hours, I began polishing this new idea a little more.

I already had plans/notes/outlines for probably 5 – 8 new posts before today. That number has essentially doubled now. I’m going to take a big chunk of this weekend and just write. Look forward to new posts coming back online soon.

In other news, I met up with Aimless Gromar last weekend and had an absolutely fantastic conversation. Topics of discussion included the future of Neoreaction, meme warfare, fascist aesthetics, and other cool stuff of which most people will never speak one word. It was pretty awesome. Be sure to help him out and check out Social Matter.

I will be in DC the rest of the summer, so if any other NRx guys want to meet up just send me an e-mail ( or a message on twitter or leave a comment or whatever.

That’s all I’ve got for the moment, save one last thing. I’d like to officially claim the term “Sigma Point” for memetic usage. I will expand upon this later.


4 thoughts on “Cognitive Supernova

    • Legionnaire 06/15/2014 / 1:37 PM

      I’ve been wondering how I can start forcing them. This looks to be a worthwhile tactic. Thanks!

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