Gay Pride, Status Signaling, and Fetishes

Recently some sort of “gay pride” parade or something or other happened in DC. Given the number of people I’ve been interacting with, it was inevitable that at some point I would be asked if I had attended (the underlying question being whether or not I am “hip” and “progressive” and “not a homophobic bigot”).

I’ve been responding by saying “I’m afraid that I missed it. I was meeting up with an old friend‘ and I completely lost track of time” (an answer that is technically not dishonest and still earns me status points). This answer works because it implies I would have gone anyway and am thus attuned to liberal sensibilities, even though I am objectively saying nothing of the sort (people really are so easily fooled if you speak the magic words). Certain other reactionaries may not approve of these signaling games, but I find them a delight to play*, and if I look good and have high status, I can extend those perceptions to Neoreaction.

Moving on to the interesting stuff, of all the thousands of words currently extant in the English language, why did the LGBT rights movements choose “Pride” as their moniker? They are not asking that non-straight folks feel proud of themselves.

Well, not in a direct sort of way.  The movement is demanding pride, though they are going about it in a sort of roundabout way by asking that the government pander to them in such as way that they believe will make them feel proud about themselves.

Not only does this demonstrate that people heavily involved in the LGBT rights movement misunderstand the nature of pride (which stems from internal, not external, factors), it also unintentionally reveals an interesting dynamic in regard to the things we worship and the things we fetishize.

We mainly fetishize things for two reasons: we wish we have something but don’t, or we have something but deny we possess it. Consider that women (and especially feminists) fetishize agency to a greater degree than men because they have less of it in the first place. Men don’t nearly fantasize about agency the same way women do, but they do about tits and ass (or, to be more precise, the underlying power that those things symbolize…female reproductive capacity).

Gay “pride” is an example of the former. It has been noted that gays tend to have a greater prevalence of mental health disorders and other issues (whether this is due to innate, environmental or other factors is debatable, and is not my focus here). Personal anecdotal evidence seems to corroborate this idea, though one should always be careful how much one is willing to extrapolate from that.  They lack pride, so they fetishize it.

I do not wish to slander the entire LGBT movement here, but I must note that many of those individuals confused about their sexuality and suffering from mental issues (somatic, psychological, cognitive, or otherwise) turn to the movement in search of finding an external cure to heal their internal afflictions, not knowing that healing and wholeness can only come from the self. I’m willing to go so far as to say that a majority of those who support the movement do so as a way of externalizing their pain and taking revenge on a world they think has wronged them (this applies to all other hyper-progressive ideologies as well). That this usually isn’t the case is merely an inconvenient “hate-fact” that can be shouted-down.

The movement preys on these individuals as a source of manpower, but in a dramatic case of “you are what you eat”, it in turn becomes corrupted by this poor quality human capital and increasingly becomes more and more about pandering to them, which attracts more broken people, perpetuating a vicious cycle. There’s no way this pattern can continue without the movement become increasingly fractious and tumultuous (I would also say irrelevant were the “quest for gay rights” not a form of brahmin status signaling, which is a huge driver of societal trends). Pride goeth before the fall indeed.

Empty, broken people with no identity beyond their sexuality, which is such an innate part of human beings anyway one might as well develop an identity based on breathing or shitting. That is what is being incentivized with the LGBT movement. Everyone a victim. When all are victimized though, who is left to be the oppressor?

The future is not just a pink, liberal boot stamping on the face of a straight, white man forever. It is a bucket of crabs being filled with all manner of flaming destruction until the waste froths up and the bucket begins to spill over.

The only way to survive a bucket of crabs is to be something much stronger and much more terrifying than any crab. You need to be a hell of a lot higher up on the food chain. That means status, that means money, that means identity. It means having a tribe to back you up and using the right tactics to keep you alive.  Some of these can be done in near-immediate time frames, but many take time and effort to accrue.

Whether time is on our side or not, I don’t think anyone can say.


*Another really fun one I use is when people ask me what my political views are is: “I don’t think of myself as political so much as philosophical.” This move works to make people perceive me as some sort of wise owl who thinks deep and knows more than others. On top of this, it makes everyone think that I agree with them (since everyone with an IQ over 110 or so fancies him or herself as some kind of deep thinker). Status for me, and first blood drawn in case I deem it appropriate to administer a dosage of the NRx virus to a now-weakened memetic immune system.

10 thoughts on “Gay Pride, Status Signaling, and Fetishes

  1. walderschmidt 06/15/2014 / 10:50 PM

    People may laugh or scoff at these games now – but mark my words – dealing with liberals before the bloodshed will get quite problematic. There’ll be demand for liberal game, yet!


    • Legionnaire 06/15/2014 / 11:42 PM

      Even if such an event were to occur, the game doesn’t end. Only the shibboleths change.

      • walderschmidt 06/15/2014 / 11:47 PM

        Shibboleth, another good word, like commonplace or thebe signaling.

        Are you familiar with the story behind the shibboleth of “Schild und Freund”?

        • Legionnaire 06/16/2014 / 7:27 PM

          You’ll have to share it with me sometime.

  2. disenchantedscholar 06/16/2014 / 10:24 AM

    You should see an argument between a “pansexual” and an “asexual”. And we’re supposed to believe they’re on the same side? They have no loyalty or security, we don’t have much to worry about.
    I would love to hear more in future on your ideas of besting the crab bucket, if you think of enough material.

    • Legionnaire 06/16/2014 / 7:14 PM

      I might do a post devoted just to a discussion of signaling and similar games sometime in the future, which would fall in that vein.

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