Reactionary Beach on the shores of Atlantis

—As my trek deep into the heart of the Cathedral is now over, I’ll be a lot freer than usual over the next two weeks. This should hopefully translate into my cranking out some posts that I’ve had in the pipeline for months, including an analysis of organized crime, a continuation of this and other tales, and a series on what exactly I was talking about when I wrote this.

—I have a fantastic title for a post: “The Progs of War”, but I have no idea what the post would even be about. Talk about Neoreactionary problems…

—It seems I missed out on making note of the one year anniversary of this blog (it was born on August 3, 2013). I suppose it seems fitting to say a few words, but I think far more would be said by a comparison of some of my more recent posts with some of my earlier ones.

—Speaking of recent posts, I’ve just been published on Social Matter. Your feedback and thoughts are always welcome.

—I was recently contemplating an analysis of a distinct type of reactionary that I’ve noticed, one with a more cosmopolitan bent. This plan was laid to rest when I finished catching up on the Eurasian/Atlantean dichotomy that’s been discussed at New International Outlook and Nick Land’s place. Consider this my official confession that I’m pretty much as Atlantean as they come, and it’s nice to have a decent word to describe this particular predilection (the one I was going to propose, “cosmopolitan reactionary,” sounds so clunky in comparison).

—I’ve updated my e-mail address to something that sounds a bit more (but only a bit more) like something a normal person would use. My new e-mail address is, though I’ll still be forwarded anything sent to my old address.

—Summer is already winding down, and with the arrival of Fall comes shorter days and longer nights. An extrapolation that the world is descending into darkness and will soon be swamped in night, however, is inaccurate in scope and constitutes a failure to see the bigger picture. Bear this in mind.




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