Shocks to the System

  • What would happen if a US aircraft carrier was sunk in the Persian Gulf or the South China Sea? What would the results be on an international level? A national level? A local level? Who wins and who loses?
  • Suppose 80% of whites vote for a republican candidate in 2016 and he or she still loses. What do they do then? How do they react?
  • There’s been quite a kerfuffle about Ebola in the news recently. What is the reaction if the immigrants coming up from Central America expecting amnesty bring along with them a virulent disease that spreads, causing a pandemic?
  • Conflict between states and non-state actors has been growing in recent times (I use the Westphalian concept of a state here). This trend has currently been occurring by way of conflict between state forces and ideologically motivated forces. What happens when a state actor runs up against not a band of extremists, but a private military corporation fighting for (ostensibly) money? What happens if said PMC is not fighting for money, but for something else?
  • What happens when the first American soldiers are killed by enemy drones?
  • A governor calls in the National Guard to put down civil unrest. The Federal Government orders him to back off, and in lieu of federal agents, neighborhood militias form in order to contain the violence. Following outlandish tales in the media, the police force is then mobilized to put down the “lawless, racist vigilantes”. How can this be ended in the optimal way?
  • Economic malaise sets in as more and more people accept the idea that standards of living are on a steady decline. More and more people drop out of the system. What measures can be taken to restore confidence and jump-start economic revitalization (if possible)?
  • Cyber attacks by an unknown entity have crippled large sections of public infrastructure along the eastern coast of the United States. Several classified servers have also been breached, though no one knows the full extent of the damage. Private industries fared even worse, and no one is certain as to what will happen next.
  • Law Enforcement Agents in a border state have begun using violent and sometimes lethal measures to drive back would-be immigrants hoping to hop over the border. The international community is outraged and the UN is considering retaliatory measures. Russia is deliberately inflating the tensions to shield its maneuverings and even steadfast US allies have been reluctant to touch the matter. How then to proceed?
  • A nuclear deal with Iran is reached, but Israel, furious at the outcome, launches airstrikes on several Iranian nuclear sites. Not only does it become clear that Saudi Arabia was complicit in this endeavor (allowing Israeli use of Saudi Arabian airspace), but Iranian troops are now mobilizing on the Iraqi border and the shores of Persian Gulf, while Hezbollah launches an aggressive assault on Israel, unleashing a devastating barrage of missiles on Haifa and Tel Aviv that the Iron Dome can do little to stop.
  • Finally, what might the implications be if we humor ourselves a bit and posit this scenario:

How does a reactionary society (in the US’s position, with all the baggage that entails) aim to prevent these occurrences and/or adequately respond if any of these events should pass?



10 thoughts on “Shocks to the System

  1. Ansible 08/15/2014 / 10:38 PM

    The NSA already controls the U.S. government, they are not Obama’s lapdog, they are the CIA’s lapdog. NSA is the public face of deepstate.

    I might just be nuts though.

  2. Northy 08/21/2014 / 9:03 PM

    What if some of us would like some of those stated events to occur, in order to get the ball rolling?

  3. Obie 08/22/2014 / 10:13 AM

    This reads like the rundown sheet of a very ambitious TV mini series.

  4. A.B Prosper 08/26/2014 / 5:39 PM


    To answer your questions in order,

    #1 The US loses as we can’t replace carrier with any ease. We are too weak to make our will apparent at that point anyway. We might retaliate with massive air power for the time being and as such no one wins. NR can’t prevent this.

    #2 Either accept permanent non White rule or withdraw your just consent and accept there will be an 3 or more way ethnic civil war and be done with it. NR needs to accept succession or over time increase the NR white numbers and power base.

    #3 That already have. Unless millions die nothing will be done anyway and attempts at quarantine would be directed in the wrong direction or met with force. The real option as in #2 is separation but if that’s possible depends much on how loyal the military is and how powerful DC is (or if they are willing to suffer the costs) is also predicated on a agreeable land redistribution and workable new forms of governance. Those last 2 will be the hardest I think. NR can’t do anything here but work on alternate systems

    #4 This is nothing new. Unless this happens in the developed world or massively reduces some needed resource, it won’t matter. At that point the PMC isn’t private anyway, its either a state asset or that the UK calls a QUANGO, a quasi autonomous non government organization. These were used for dirty work in Ireland and in other places I am sure. NR Needs its own forces, the best defense is retaliation

    #5 Nothing much . The powers that be regard US troops as expendable. Anyway , we will find ways to retaliate or defend . Frankly unless it happens on US soil its not much different than an IED or mine , which is just a very crude drone anyway. Why does NR care?

    #6 Almost happened at Ferguson and in Nevada. The smart play is to talk it out and wait it I think this will happen. Same with NR

    #7 Nothing. Once people no longer have confidence in the system it can’t be fixed. What will happen is the government will either run the presses to dilute underground economic activity or push crackdowns as far as they dare. Neither will help and beatings will continue to morale improves is not a workable strategy. The only fix is mass deportation, economic nationalism and work sharing but baring a revolution, they won’t happen. NR needs to push for the latter and to basically let it be. Its not preventable

    #8. Likely we just limp on, its not like we don’t have massive weakness now. Unless this really hits the beltway or a decline in public order has become a big threat they can’t contain they won’t care that much anyway. We should upgrade to a non networked robust systems but the US is not capable of that these days. Nothing NR can do here either/

    #9 The Feds will step in long before that or riots will break out. If they can’t contain it, they risk all out civil war on ethnic lines and they can claim they don’t have the ability to. If the UN intervenes, that risks serious war. The military might fracture and any nation sending blue hats risks a lot of people being dead or worse. I’d suggest NR be prpepared for crisis and opportunity.

    #10 There is nothing the US or Europe or NR can or should do. The big thing is making sure the Israelis don’t spitefully nuke Europe if things go sour.

    last, I think this is already the case to some degree. If NR gets power they need to have the nerve to get rid of the security services to a high degree otherwise practice basic discretion.

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