2014 has come to a close. I’m not the type to chomp at the bit to reflect on the past year and make resolutions for the coming one, but it’s an important ritual and so one ought to pay some respect to it.

WordPress tells me I wrote 75 posts this year, so I suppose this makes 76. I guess I can’t claim to have been prolific, but 76 isn’t a terrible number. I think I’ll shoot for at least 100 next year.

Looking back, I think these posts were the best and/or most important ones that I wrote this year:

Emotion, Neoreaction, and the Hearts of Men: A dissection of the wave of attacks on Neoreaction that took place at the beginning of this year.

From Russia with Love: I note that Russians are once again becoming Hollywood’s go-to bad guys and predict that the US will continue to antagonize Russia and that the relations between the two countries will begin to deteriorate. I wrote this in January, and given all that’s happened this year, I think I nailed it (if I do say so myself)!

Subversion versus Exit, East versus West, and Eternal Recurrence: A quick eulogy for the West paired with a proclamation of its coming rebirth.

Batman, Noblesse Oblige, and the Perennial Nature of Aristocracy: An argument that the desire for a ruling aristocracy is ingrained in the human psyche and that we are seeing it cry out all the more loudly these days.

Genealogical Musings and Hypothetical Solutions: Social Justice is the White Man’s Burden of our time. While I didn’t go so far as to point out that Progressivism and the White Man’s Burden are two sides of the same coin, hopelessly intertwined and unable to live without each other, I really should have done so.

A Multicultural Gedankenexperiment: Some thoughts on ethnic diversity and cultural cohesion. Ethno-nationalism is not necessary for a highly functional society, but without it, you need a strong, homogenous, overarching culture.

Gay Pride, Status Signaling, and Fetishes: We fetishize what we do not have, and in certain circumstances this can lead to self-destructive feedback mechanisms.

IQ Shredders, Theory of Mind, and Vladamir Putin: We are losing the ability to understand that other people can have beliefs and goals that are very different from our own. Why? I put forth some ideas that will become very important for my “Theory of Mind” series and I nab a “Quote Note” from Nick Land in the process.

Fire and Ice: Life and Death. Male and Female. Fire and Ice. They are all connected. Definitely on the more mystic side, but it manages to avoid being opaque.

An Age of Monsters: Darkness corrupts those whom it touches young, and the time will come in which some very bad things will be done by those who were raised in the shadow of burning towers.

The Way of the Gang: Criminal Gangs are a form of modern-day tribalism. They are well-placed to take advantage of any potential challenges to the primacy of the nation-state.

A Theory of Theory of Mind: Part One: Some bold claims and speculative hypotheses on the relation between theory of mind, verbal IQ, and associative horizon.

I was also published on Social Matter and started letting some of my more fragmented thoughts fly in a series of posts that has been immense fun for me to write and that people seem to have enjoyed greatly.

I ended 2013 somewhat unsure of quite what I was doing with this blog and where to go with it. I am ending 2014 in much the same way, but I’m still having fun writing and I’ve certainly run across quite a lot of interesting and highly intelligent people by having done so. Neoreaction saw an impressive influx of voices and minds this year and I’m grateful that I was able to become acquainted with so many of them.

So there’s that.

Now, what do I plan on doing in 2015? Well, there are a few milestones coming up for me on a personal note. I suppose I’m looking forward to them. Otherwise, however, 2015 is going to be a strange year for me. 2014 was a year of excitement, adventures, and challenges, while 2015 looks like it will be much more a test of endurance, patience, and dealing with repetition. Ugh. Here’s hoping I can manage to make it stimulating enough for me to deal with it properly!

On the blog front, there are still a few topics I need to handle, including theory of mind, the teleology of society, and how we model the world. Expect ideas on deep states to pop up from time to time, as well as thoughts on Atlanteanism. I’ve also got a post in the pipeline about how we use the word “Reactionary”, though I’m still putting my thoughts together on the matter and I’m in no rush to get it out.

I did also promise a long time ago to write some Neoreactionary fiction. While I can’t bring myself to finish the one story I did start, I do have a few other notes written up for other short works. I might get around to putting them together. We shall see, I suppose…

I know some people enjoy these sorts of things, so here are my blog stats for the year 2014 (as of right now):

  • Roughly 21,000 unique visitors (it’s 21,175 at the moment).
  • Over 53,000 views (it’s just a hair over 53,850 at the moment, so with a decent push I might break 54,000 before year’s end).
  • 95 likes on my posts
  • Excluding search engines, the top three referrers were freenortherner.com, xenosystems.net, and neorxn.com. Free Northerner deserves a extra-large “thank you”, given how he’s taking up 2 of the top three spots, but Nick Land hasn’t been too shabby either. Thank you, you two, and thank you to everyone else who’s been sending traffic my way this year. You all know who you are, and don’t think it goes unappreciated.

Finally, I’d like to extend a special thanks to Vulture of Critique. He is perhaps one of the most underrated bloggers I know of, and there’s no one better I know of to call me out when I make an illogical jump or just outright say something stupid. He manages to hit an astonishingly wide array of topics and he always has something interesting to say. If you aren’t reading him already, I recommend making a habit of doing so in 2015.

That’s all I’ve got to say for 2014. It was a great year that I’m glad to be done with and 2015 will be a rough year I look forward to experiencing. I hope you all have something worth looking forward to in the new year, and I’d like to wish a very Happy New Year to everyone reading this!



5 thoughts on “Ouroboros

  1. Aeoli Pera 12/31/2014 / 12:44 PM

    I have a proposal for you.

    Our interests and esoteric vocabularies are very similar, and we both understand the utility of what you call “fragments” and what I call “RAM dumps”. I have also observed that instant messaging is a very good format for this function, probably because it has both “push” and “pull” social elements rather than requiring purely a “push” effort on your part. It also creates a written record of crystallized thought fragments.

    Therefore, I propose that we do once per week “fragments” sessions (via Gmail, Skype, Torchat, or whatever) on topics we believe will be mutually interesting. The format of these chats is an open question (tangents in particular can be problematic), but first I’d like to know if you’re interested.

    • Legionnaire 12/31/2014 / 6:46 PM

      I’m in. E-mail’s on the “About” page. We can start there and work our way to whatever seems best.

  2. Claude Martel 12/31/2014 / 4:35 PM

    Here’s to the start of an even better year. I’ll be reading.

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