The Hydra’s Embrace

What is Neoreaction?

Honestly, it’s a good question. Every once in a while, someone tries to answer it. Then there’s a bit of a discussion, some kerfuffle, everyone chews it over for a while, and then we shelve the question for another few months. Rinse, lather, repeat.

We never really get an answer, but sometimes it feels like we got a little bit closer to one, which I guess is progress.

But really, what is Neoreaction?

There is Neoreaction, the conceptual toolkit that was built to analyze societal dynamics. There is Neoreaction, the philosophical framework framework intended to be a safe space for the development and discussion of various political ideologies. There is Neoreaction, trichotomy4the prescriptive set of political positions involving a synthesis of ethno-nationalism, religious traditionalism, and techno-commercialism (it also tends to really like monarchy). There is Neoreaction, the sinister cabal that is run by a shadowy council of Eldars who are tech moguls by day and dangerous subversives by night. There is Neoreaction, the intellectual brand whose colors are flown by such organizations as Phalanx and The Hestia Society, and there is even Neoreaction, the community of like-minded people who share similar interests and who have been making an effort to meet each other in person.

What is Neoreaction? It’s all of these things, and this isn’t even an exhaustive list. Well, maybe it isn’t a sinister cabal run by tech oligarchs, but then again maybe it isn’t necessarily not maybe a sinister cabal of dangerous, shadowy figures who might or might not also be lizard people.

Neoreaction is a lot of things, and some of those things probably need a word that isn’t “Neoreaction” to describe them, but until someone comes up with a really good neologism (or two or three) then “Neoreaction” is the best word we’ve got.

We could, of course, dispense with the term entirely, and instead refer to certain parts of Neoreaction by other terms (or discuss “the thing that shall not be named”). I can’t say I have a strong position one way or the other here.

So what is Neoreaction? A lot of things. What can you do with it? Much.

You can build Neoreaction by helping to develop the conceptual toolkit and philosophical framework. You can tinker with Neoreaction by refining the arguments and the points of inquiring. You can apply Neoreaction by seeking to implement Neoreactionary prescriptions. You can express Neoreaction by creating art that appeals to Neoreactionary sensibilities. You can connect Neoreaction by bringing Neoreactionaries together in person.

What does it mean to “do” Neoreaction? In the end, it could mean doing any number of things to strengthen Neoreaction.

The coming year is one in which Neoreactionaries begin to see the differences among these ends and begin to cluster towards the one(s) that they feel most comfortable doing.

It’s likely this will be a focal point for potential schisms. Those who prefer to tinker might run into conflict with those who would prefer to apply. Those who prefer to connect might not always understand why those who prefer to build are continuing to wrestle with abstract concepts. Any number of divisions is possible, though I suspect that the tendency of most of us to try to pursue multiple aims will breed too much respect and appreciation for alternative goals. It’s hard to have a vicious feud over end goals when everyone agrees that they are all important and that at least a few people should be working on each one.

The most likely outcome is that a difference in preferred goal is likely to be additional fuel to the fire of any potential separation and not cause for divide in and of itself.

So what is Neoreaction? It’s a lot of different things with a lot of different uses and a lot of different end goals and no one has any idea as to the full extent of any of those bits. It’s a small word that is trying to do way too much and cover far too much ground. It’s a hydra pretending to be a snake, and it will take an awful lot of smoke and mirrors to keep that idea going.

It is a bundle of fragments held together by a few common ties.

This might lead one to suggest that Neoreaction is the tie that binds this all together,  but this, I think, ignores too much of substance and focuses on the things that, counter-intuitively, matter the least.

What is Neoreaction? What, indeed.



8 thoughts on “The Hydra’s Embrace

  1. soapjackal 01/04/2015 / 8:55 PM

    The next stage will be secret societies or fraternal orders. I personally after much research, development, writing (working on quarterly journal), meeting NRx in person world wide, personal contemplation, debate, creative work, initiation into fraternal orders, as well as strengthening the bonds of my tribe have come to the realization that NRx is all of those things you described. Ultimately it is not important ‘what nrx is’ but since Nrx is an organic being the important question is: “What do I want to do in order to push it forward and strengthen it?” It is evolving and growing and there are many pitfalls that it can run into. However it is still in that awkward place of development where it is possible to learn from history and escape the tragic fate of ideology.

    I like to consider my ideal neoreactionary fraternal order as a cross country association of mens clubs which argue and debate on a whole plethora of topics, drink, fight, have initiatory rituals, and more importantly have 2 main modes of actions. The first is to become an actual community institution with actual involvement on local political schemea. Even if it starts as just a place for guys to chill and shoot the shit (or access hobbies and socialization outside of the digital) eventually it will be involved in a great many enterprises. The second, my favorite, is to develop a laboratory of sorts that takes the concept of the classical academy and proto-types it for invisible colleges. Considering that a proto-type for an institution of thought will require a great deal of work on philosophy, training, rigor, memetic construction, etc etc and all of this will need to be tested this developmental laboratory will be working on certain 4th generation style projects.

    One such project could be breeding memetic attack dogs whose sole purpose is to eat the moral foundation of bonobo progressives.

    Just some food for thought.

    • Aeoli Pera 01/04/2015 / 11:25 PM

      >One such project could be breeding memetic attack dogs whose sole purpose is to eat the moral foundation of bonobo progressives.

      I’ve also thought this, but we ought to have car factories in place before we start churning out tanks.

      • soapjackal 01/05/2015 / 10:08 PM

        Economically speaking car factories cant churn out tanks. Resource allocation and cost of re-centering production capacity.

        From a rationality perspective I agree. We need to worry about the tools and fundamentals before jumping around making guns from scratch.

  2. Aeoli Pera 01/04/2015 / 11:26 PM

    >The coming year is one in which Neoreactionaries begin to see the differences among these ends and begin to cluster towards the one(s) that they feel most comfortable doing.

    I believe this will turn out to be a prescient observation.

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