The time has come to retire a handle.


I won’t lie, it’s a pretty great pseudonym. I’ve certainly enjoyed using it this whole time. With that in mind, the aesthetics and ideals I sought to appeal to when I started blogging in August 2013 are past destinations on my intellectual journey that are not entirely reflective of where I am at now.

In other words, “Legionnaire” just doesn’t have the same “fit” it used to, like a sweater that you wore 50 pounds ago, or a pair of jeans that you swore fit a month ago but now are just too short (the implicit callback to one’s late teens is entirely intentional here).

Going forward, I’ll be relying solely on the “Donovan Greene” pen name. It’s a bit more elegant, a bit more formal, and it’s more in line with the type of aesthetic I’m trying to align with at this point in time.

I hope this won’t be too confusing to most of you. I’ve had this name tied in with the Legionnaire handle from the beginning, and many of you whom I’ve communicated with through e-mail and skype know me as “Donovan”, but I’m aware that some of my more casual readership only knows me as “Legionnaire”, and to people in this group it might seem like I’m dropping something totally unprecedented.

Blog content will not change. I am not renouncing Neoreaction any way. I have not suddenly decided that Ancient Rome sucked or anything of that sort. This is just the next iteration of the way I present myself, my writings, and this blog.

I probably won’t rename this site. I’m linked in quite a lot of places, it turns out (some of them stranger than others) and after almost 19 months of blogging it turns out that the “Legionnaire” name is — at least in this part of the internet — not a completely unknown entity.

newtwitterphotosquareI also don’t want to put myself through the process of thinking up a different title for this site.

The biggest change you’ll see is a shift away from the Roman aesthetic (points to you if you’ve already noticed that I’ve stopped putting Latin quotes at the end of my posts…though I’ll bring those back if there’s popular demand). Other than this, it’ll basically be business as usual, just with a sexier name and profile picture.

That’s an improvement in my book.


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