Friday Night Fragments #23

When we limit the field of competition solely to “things that I have read”, then one of the great highlights of my week was this beautiful piece by SOBL: When Nixon Calls. There are times when it is painfully obvious that SOBL is using Nixon as his mouthpiece, but there are also times in which I was absolutely convinced that he was just digging up old Nixon quotes that had been lost to the sands of time…until now.

I won’t lie, I’ve always had a bit of a soft spot for Richard Nixon, one that has only become even softer over my time spent in Neoreaction. Nixon was an incredibly capable leader. Paranoid, of course, but all the most brilliant people are. Besides, what’s that old saying about paranoia…you know…the one where they really are out to get you?

Moving on to the actual content of the discussion, there’s quite a bit in there. The aspect of this discussion I have the most grounds to judge is the Middle Eastern analysis, of which I agree with every word. My judgement holds less weight in regard to many of the other topics covered, but they too seem spot-on.

How does SOBL manage to always have such an erudite and informed opinion on so many diverse subjects? Well, the same way we all work towards that goal I suppose…lot’s of reading and thinking on topics across all manner of disciplines.

SOBL also managed to write up a very interesting analysis on some strange article that was floating the idea of Michael Bloomberg running for Mayor of London. I’ve not heard of this article, and even after reading SOBL’s comment on it, I still have no idea what it was going on about.

What is far more interesting, and what the analysis devotes its real effort towards, is the idea of Bloomberg running as a Democratic challenger to Hillary Clinton for the 2016 presidential nomination. SOBL’s touched on that idea before, and I think it is a very interesting one. As far as I can see, Bloomberg is the only true threat that could come out of the blue (or the red or the independent, but neither of those suits his purposes here) with a shot at toppling Clinton.

Bloomberg is older than Hillary, but I think he’s better able to stand up to the ravages of old age than she is. He has more steel in him than she does. Besides, Hillary really likes to drink. That is no insult (it couldn’t be, coming from me), but such a habit does wear a person down, especially at that age.

When I am under stress, I cut out drinking and other vices. They take off my edge, and I need that edge to stay sharp in trying times. However, I can see why someone else might take the opposite track and hit the bottle when the stress gets to be too much. Hillary Clinton strikes me as that type of person. I’m not aware of any evidence that she did this during her tenure of Secretary of State, but if there were evidence, would we know about it? I am not sure how likely this is, but I have a scary feeling that it it more likely than we think.

 One of the scariest things I can imagine for US standing in the world is to follow up Obama’s 8-year foreign policy nightmare with an American Boris Yeltsin. If that doesn’t make you feel very uncomfortable about Clinton in the Oval Office, I don’t think anything will.

Anyway, to cycle this back to my original point: If I were Bloomberg, I wouldn’t be looking into the idea of a run. I would have decided on doing it long ago, and I’d have spent the past several months  putting campaign infrastructure in place and laying the groundwork for an announcement that would blow out of the water all the other announcements.

Nick B. Steves once suggested that the music I sometimes link to on this blog can be broadly defined as “emo-chick pop”. I thought that was a pretty amusing way of putting it (possibly because I’ve popped a few emo chicks in my time hehe). Here’s today’s macabre incantation song:

I’d always suspected that you could take Lolita and make it even more fucked up, but this runs up against the limits of even my twisted imagination. This is just dark. It’s so red-pill it makes even the most red-pill red-pillers of the red-pill internet cease their red-pilling to lie down and scream “No, she’s a good girl! she would never do that! Not all women are like that!”

It is also great fun to listen to. There is something beautifully soothing about the raw, twisted love that exists not despite the pain, but because of it.

Ah, but isn’t all love that way? It seems that women can only truly love in the presence of pain, but how many of us are truly free from this same obligation? Very few of us indeed…do not try to avoid this, for my eyes see deep into the minds of men and I can tell that this is one of those  urges that drives men on even as they lack the ability to merely conceive of the possibility that such an urge might even exist.

To love only in the presence of pain is a feminine love indeed, but who among us does not have a touch of both the feminine and the masculine residing within us? I suspect that in this realm, I have a touch more of the feminine than most men. Perhaps this is why I like this music so much, and why I so clearly see this urge manifesting itself even as all others seem blind to it.

Perhaps there’s something else, however. I have hinted before that I have had some experience with women like this. It is true. What can I say? I like the crazies, and songs like this remind me of some great memories.

Were I a prudent person, I would stop bringing up this “emo-chick pop” stuff, because every time I bring it up I am tempted to go farther and darker than the last time. I am already running up against the limits of what I can say based off of my real-life experience. If I keep pursuing darker material, I will have to look beyond my own experience, and if I keep pursuing this vein, then it is only a matter of time before these Fragments devolve into audio recordings of me reading from 120 Days of Sodom.

Actually, that would be a GREAT turn for this blog to take.

Hey Hestia Society, do I have a project idea for you…


3 thoughts on “Friday Night Fragments #23

  1. nickbsteves 04/11/2015 / 11:32 AM

    “Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they really aren’t out to get you.”

    Agreed SoBL’s two-fer on Nixon was excellent. He is the most criminally underappreciated neoreactionary writer.

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