Friday Night Fragments #26

The weather has finally broken, and the past two weeks have been absolutely gorgeous. Being an exuberant human being who was absolutely fed up with that miserable winter we had (no abominable snowman sightings, but I did some some snowmen that were pretty atrocious), I’ve been spending an exorbitant amount of time in the sun (studying and cramming, sadly, but hey, it’s a start), flirting with the edge of sunburn but pumping myself full of sufficient chemicals (fish oil, green tea, orange juice, dark chocolate) so as to keep me from crossing line and ensure that by the next day any traces of pink are long gone, healed overnight and hardened for the next day.

This warm weather has not only been fantastic for my gin consumption (my liver hasn’t been worked this hard since my time spent as a frat boy), but also for my skin tone. I’ve gone from “new-fallen” snow pale to “sexy golden brown”, which is quite an achievement on my end, as I rarely ever tan, and I am not exactly in a part of the world known for its strong sunshine.

The most interesting effect of all this sun is something quite a bit more visceral, however. I am getting stronger. I can feel it. I’m getting leaner too. I can see it in the mirror. I’ve gone from a creature of the night skulking about in the dark to a lion roaring in the sun. I feel like a fucking animal, and it is exhilarating.

This is the way man was meant to live.

I’ve been bouncing around some thoughts on drug use and personality. It’s a bit rough, but I know there’s a few readers who might get a kick out of it.

Some people are very high-energy and upbeat. They are energetic and optimistic. These people can use massive amounts of depressant-type drugs (alcohol, heroin…etc) and be perfectly fine.

Some people are quite a bit more melancholic and low-key. Not having the same upbeat, peppy, boundless nature, they would suffer stronger effects if consuming the same massive quantities of depressants as the energetic ones, but they also do not suffer nearly the same massive effects if consuming huge quantities of stimulant-type drugs (caffeine, cocaine, amphetamines…etc).

Basically, upbeat and energetic people shouldn’t do cocaine, and depressed, mopey people should stay away from alcohol.

I have no idea how this fits into the metric of addiction, but I suspect that there’s a slightly stronger predisposition to  become addicted to a drug that “balances” you, rather than one that exaggerates your innate characteristics. This is a hardly a suggestion that such addictions do not occur, and in fact, I suspect that these addictions are the most destructive ones, due to the degree to which they precipitate extremity in certain traits.

If this is still a bit abstract, imagine the most energetic, optimistic, indefatigable person you know, and then imagine them doing a bunch of cocaine. Now imagine the most miserable, depressed, browbeaten person you know and envision them shooting up a bunch of heroin. Envisioning them giving in to the calm serenity and slowly slipping away as they surrender to the nothingness is optional (and also quite dark), but primes you excellently to conceive of what I am trying to convey here.

Oh…trigger warning (vivid depiction of suicide)? Oops. Maybe that should have been done beforehand. Think of it as amygdala conditioning?

Everyone is familiar with Conquest’s Law that all organizations end up becoming leftist over time. Is there a law that states that over time all organizations end up being run for the benefit of the leadership? That strikes me as the sort of thing so obvious that there has to be a law, and yet at the same time I could also see how it’s so obvious no one would thing to propose a law for it.

Well, if there is no law, chalk it up as one of Legionnaire’s Laws (I’ve definitely proposed at least one of those before….time to start trawling through my archives and putting them together formerly).

Saturday will play host to both the Kentucky Derby and the long-awaited Mayweather versus Pacquiao boxing match. I can’t in good conscience say that I’m a horse racing fan, as I only pay attention during Triple Crown season, but it’s a fun excuse to drink and carouse with friends. As always, these things are as fun as you make them.

I am also quite a fan of MMA if we’re being honest but I like a good fight so boxing pops up on my radar every once in a while, so I am quite looking forward to the Mayweather/Pacquiao fight. I can’t quite say I feel strongly for either fighter, so I just want to see a big, dramatic spectacle.

I never did feel guilty about treating entertainment as entertainment and allowing it to entertain me.

The denunciation of “sportsball” by the athletically-challenged never fails to come off as pretentious, faux-intellectual signalling (to say nothing of defensive, ego-protecting rationalization hinting at deep physical insecurities). It also overlooks the truth that all of the most fun sports to watch don’t use balls at all (save the balls it takes to make your living fighting people).

How does all this pertain to Neoreaction? Simple. Any proper neoreactionary aesthetic is going to give credence to the type of physical refinement needed to fight and ride (an improper aesthetic would elevate the type of physique needed to type out long screeds on the internet, but I get the sense most NRx types would be more comfortable with something a bit more aspirational).

Neoreaction wants to make a culture? Honor the combat sports.


6 thoughts on “Friday Night Fragments #26

  1. Frog Do 05/02/2015 / 3:47 PM

    I was with you until you slandered the great name of baseball. No mercy!

    Personally, I enjoy feats of strength (Olympic weightlifting, powerlifting, Scottish games, etc).

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