Friday Night Fragments #27

I got a text on Wednesday night from some I’ve not spoken to in years. I won’t go into details. It’s personal, and I owe them a certain degree of protection. The gist of it, however, was along these lines:

Never told you this, but I’m only alive because of you. I don’t think I ever thanked you.

This was not someone who I always treated well. If anything, I would have thought my behavior would have pushed her over the edge, not pulled her back from the brink. I suppose sometimes, the happy ending endures after all.

Funny how we always find a way to miss so much.

I understand that many college students are made to feel “unsafe” by certain speakers addressing particular subjects.  But although most people like crisp breakfast cereal, there are those that like it as soggy as possible. One would think that there must be a significant fraction of the university market that wants genuinely scary content, a fraction that prefers mega-aggression to microaggression.

I can do that.

Safety Dance“, Gregory Cochran

Meta-aggressions. Might that include trial by combat?

One can only hope. My university experience would have been so much better with a few trials by combat. So much better.

Whimsy aside, I actually do think that there is some degree of truth in this idea. My experience is that there is a particular subset of people who really just want to push the boundaries and see how far they can go.

Wonder what would happen if someone gave them a target and told them to rebel against it? It’s how the system keeps itself going, of course. What might happen if the right jiu-jitsu was applied?

As I mentioned in my last post, It’s Aesthetics week over at Social Matter. There’s been some great stuff put out over the past few days, and rumor has it that there might still be one or two more treats coming our way.

Social Matter is developing well. Very well. I actually find it exciting to see how it’s growing. I wonder what it will look like next year? I can’t wait to find out.

Former blogger LaidNYC once had a post comparing the Manosphere to a medieval citadel, and argued that the most integral piece, that core bastion to be defended at all costs, was Chateau Heartiste. Supposing we did such an exercise for Neoreaction, it would seem intuitive to argue that Unqualified-Reservations is the crown jewel that needs to be protected.

I would disagree. Moldbug laid the foundations, but the pulsing heart of Neoreaction is not Moldbug. It is Social Matter.

Just for fun, let’s imagine Neoreaction as a literal castle under attack by barbarians.

Mencius Moldbug – Legendary figure said to have founded the castle. Spoken of with great reverence. Some say that he dwells among us still.

Bryce Laliberte – Wandering monk who has long resided in the castle, but who in recent months has ventured off to undergo a spiritual quest. Rumors speak of a potential return.

Nick B. Steves – Jovial story-teller keeping morale high among the troops. His even-keeled manner and his sage optimism have helped to keep sanity among the ranks.

Henry Dampier and SOBL1 – Masters of logistics. With unceasing energy and a frenzied pace of work they have drawn up and set into action plans for rationing the food supply, eliminating potential disease vectors, rotating shifts for guardsmen on the walls, as well as a general order of tactics and fall-back plans

Donovan Greene – Delights himself in setting up all manner of nasty traps and cruel tricks to inflict horror upon the besiegers. Has been causing some consternation among his compatriots by saying things like “Should I set rig this to aim for the eyes or the genitals?”, and “Spike pits may lack grandeur, but they have a certain charm.”

Nick Land – Eccentric wizard living in the labyrinth beneath the castle. Building a doomsday weapon. There is some question as to who he actually plans to use it on.

Michael Laurel – Political strategist and well-regarded oracle. Knew exactly when the castle would be attacked, foresaw the general idea of how it would be attacked, and understood the broader geopolitical significance of the attack. Was kind enough to warn the rest of us so we could be prepared.

Free Northerner – Warrior priest. Has painted the Cross on his shield. Not too happy with some of the defensive counter-siege tactics, but understands their necessity for now.

We’ll end that here for fear of getting too silly.

Since it’s Aesthetics Week, and since the Official Neoreactionary Position is that a woman in red is sexy, let’s end this session of the fragments with some more…ahem…aesthetics.zdYNMjQolheTYJaqIwbgX xfewnd4etenaRr1r4 x6sjefTdiqpgn7 v2bsAq8ut5lp

If you really believe in yourself, and you try really, really hard, then every week can be Aesthetics Week.


4 thoughts on “Friday Night Fragments #27

  1. Aeoli Pera 05/09/2015 / 11:22 PM

    I like aesthetics week so far. 🙂

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