Friday Night Fragments #29

This didn’t make the last edition of the fragments, so it gets top billing this time around (h/t Nick Land).

How the DEA took a young man’s life savings without ever charging him with a crime

Quite an article. Give it a read.

I find it hard to get outraged at this sort of thing anymore. Perhaps it’s because I’m a bit desensitized. Perhaps it’s because I don’t find it surprising.

Instead of getting upset, what I did instead was recall a recent post by Vulture of Critique that I think puts things in (chilling) perspective.

The United States still has some very good things going for it, but damn, does it have some problems.

Important things are happening behind the scenes. This is an announcement that is not to be neglected.

Neoreaction is now under formal management.

Aesthetics Week may be officially over, but every week is Aesthetics Week in Neoreaction. One of the finest aesthetic experiences that exists is stumbling upon a quiet coffee shop and enjoying a surprisingly good cup of coffee. Yet, there is something very interesting I’ve noticed in my perpetual quest to find good coffee shops.

You see, much of the urban hipster aesthetic is generally terrible. Bad haircuts on dyed hair falling above ears with big gauges in them is a terrible look, especially when accompanied by a face covered in piercings. Unkempt beards and “man-buns” matched with shirts of flannel. Wool scarves, horn-rimmed glasses, and the omnipresent and eternally obnoxious beanie cap. There is almost no context in which it isn’t utterly unpleasant to see these things.


Yet, one of the best sights that can greet you when you walk into a new coffee shop for the first time is the sight of several of these ridiculously-attired humans running the place. Much as you might hate the thought of being caught dead in an establishment owned, operated, and decorated by a bunch of wankers who look like they should be shipped back to Portland, you’re always sure to get a damn fine cup of coffee.

I wish I knew why this was. Perhaps it’s the weird focus — which is either hipster or just millennial, though I can’t tell which — on this idea of food and drink being an “artisanal” experience. This is the “hipsters make good coffee” theory.

Perhaps hipsters are more likely to seek out quaint little coffeehouses with really good coffee, frequenting them and/or working at them. This is the “hipsters find good coffee” theory.

Further data on this matter would be a welcome gift.

A hipster aesthetic is one of the best indicators of good quality coffee. That said, it is not the best. What you want to look for if you want coffee that is even better than hipster coffee (or if you just don’t like hipsters) is a wizened old European man — preferably Italian — with a thick accent and wrinkled, knobbly hands and eyes that have seen far too much in their time on this earth. That is the type of man you want to see standing behind the counter, because that man is going to know how to make the best cup of coffee you will ever have in your entire life.

Now that’s an aesthetically pleasing experience.

And hey, because aesthetics:

blonde and blackAny coffee shop filled with women like this, of course, is an aesthetically pleasing experience.

Oh, and this is going to be the last piece of “aesthetics” for the next few posts. Find your own soft-core porn next week, you savages.

Soundbite to fuck with the “well-intentioned”:

You don’t get progress without oppression. If you define progress as the rolling back of oppression, you’re going to have a bad time.

Fair warning: I’ve not yet had occasion to use this. Results are unknown. Use at your own risk as necessary to satiate your thirst for sadistic flippant entertainment.

Isegoria had a very interesting post this week (it always has great stuff, but this particular piece resonated with me) about the use of unarmed combat in war and the degree to which having a weapon matters in a fight. Spoiler alert: movies lie, just the SJWs and the media (ah, but I repeat myself).

Also, the article it linked to was even more involving and engaging. Give that a read as well.

Last week, I briefly discussed the film Cocktail. One of the things I mentioned was that the first half of the film was filled with snappy dialogue and solid one-liners. What I didn’t do was drop a drinking-related line that I’ve used before to good-heartedly bust on my buddies when engaging in what I consider to be a violation of serious drinking etiquette.

Chasers are for women and children.

That’s a Donovan Greene original that has never failed to get a great reception. Whip that out next time you’re behaving badly and think of me as you do it.

The exception, of course, is if your buddy is chasing their alcohol with more alcohol…

jon-hamm-don-draper-on-mad-men-perfect-time-for-drinking…in which case you should stop making fun of them and start wondering if maybe they have a drinking problem.

Stay safe this weekend, and don’t drink too much, even if you’re in a hipster coffee house with the best espresso for miles.


10 thoughts on “Friday Night Fragments #29

  1. gaikokumaniakku 05/25/2015 / 6:31 AM

    It’s nice to know that someone is reading these posts, but I’m surprised that WordPress didn’t give you a pingback link automatically.

    I will ping your post manually.

  2. gaikokumaniakku 05/25/2015 / 6:33 AM

    Oh, I get it. I turned off automatic comments due to spammers and now pingbacks aren’t automatic any more… I really need to pay more attention…

  3. Aeoli Pera 05/26/2015 / 11:47 AM

    I have a drinking problem: I’m out of booze.

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