Interesting Times

A few years ago, in a time before I knew of The Red Pill or Neoreaction or a whole host of things that I know now, I stumbled across a Sweden-based English Magazine called Interesting Times. They were sadly forced to cease their activities after nine editions, but I devoured those nine editions regardless. Looking back, some of their stuff was a bit ridiculous, but even now, I still hold a certain fondness for that eclectic (and often eccentric) publication that believed above all else that “The future is cyberpunk”.

The future is cyberpunk. It’s not a prediction, but an aesthetic; an aesthetic that I’ve kept with me ever since. It’s an aesthetic that has been rearing its head within me once again in recent months. It’s an aesthetic that has caused me to increasingly looks towards the future for understanding, not just the past (this is one of the reasons I felt that I had to retire the “Legionnaire” pseudonym).

I’ve decided that when I free up the time (and I’ve worked my way through a bit more of my reading list), I’m going to go back and read all nine editions. I’m sure I’d find much of it kitschy, overblown, and overly dramatic. Still, there was also much in there that I didn’t quite have the tools to fully appreciate at the time, and I have no doubt that I could get even more out of it now then I did when I first read it some years ago.

You can join me in doing so here.

I have no doubt that you’ll find at least something of value in it. Will you enjoy it? I’ll leave the blurb from the about page right here below, so you can decide for yourself.

Interesting Times is a self-help magazine for extreme people, helping you survive and thrive in the cyberpunk future of today.

Headquartered in Sweden, the magazine provides a unique perspective on the current age of possibility, where every new happening holds the potential for both disaster and ground- breaking success. The magazine aims to implement total world domination using a shock & awe toolbox of positive thinking, power armor and pornstar girlfriends, edifying the reader with an eclectic mix of interesting subjects including lifestyle design, preparations for the post-apocalypse, and the pursuit of super- human fitness through batmanesque bodyhacking. Building better bad-asses is our main objective and we aim to please.

The suck stops here!

Your mileage may vary, but I can guarantee an entertaining ride.


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