Friday Night Fragments #35

Despite having dropped Prohibition-themed fragments a few times over the past few weeks, there’s still a few ideas worth typing I’ve still not shoe-horned in yet. For example, it’s fairly well-known that almost all prohibition agents charged with enforcing the law were on the take. I find this to be an example of an interesting phenomenon: that in which private entities find themselves in a position of taking on a task either not being done or being done inefficiently by a public structure. In this case, said private entities completely nullified the effect of the public structure that opposed them: co-opting as many public agents as they could and finding ways to outwit and out-maneuver those they couldn’t.

Is there a deep state lesson here?

I noticed that #WhoisBurningBlackChurches was trending earlier this week. I will be the first to admit that I have no idea who is burning black churches, being neither a member of a black congregation nor an arsonist specializing in places of worship. However, being an individual with a brain that occasionally works, I do have a few possible idea.

1. The feds are doing it as a follow-up to their false flag attack.*

2. These events are a mere coincidence following the Charleston attack and none (or most) of these fires are the result of purposeful action.

3. Blacks are burning down their own churches and for whatever reason some in the media are trying to paint a usual pattern of activity into something unusual.

4. Some who are sympathetic to Dylann Roof’s intentions are trying to follow up and carry out their own acts.

5. Nothing of any importance is going on and people are just being the mindless apes that are every second of every day.

6. Mountains are being made out of molehills and innocuous acts or teenage shenanigans are being made out to be something far more malicious in light of the current context.

What do I believe? None of these. I don’t know what might or might not be going and I see no reason to engage in anything further than mere speculation.

*This option relies on the assumption that the Charleston attack was some kind of false flag event. I won’t deny that this is a possibility, though I categorically refuse to either believe or disbelieve any interpretation of recent events as such without compelling evidence strong enough to sway me to either conviction.

Hey, speaking of surreptitious maneuvers in the realm of the political, who else noticed that the whole Confederate Flag kerfuffle was a great smokescreen to get a bunch of groundwork laid for approval of the TTP and TTIP trade deals?

I’ll admit that I don’t know enough about these agreements to pass any kind of educated judgement on the matter, but the manner in which their implementation consists of just about every red flag possible, which makes me suspicious. If any of my readers have any good reading on the matter, I hope you share it with me.

Spend too long talking with customer service trying to fix your internet and you realize just how much the idea of enslaving proles is based mostly on emotional satisfaction. Then you take two seconds and realize that to the people who get to make the decisions as to who gets a lifeboat and who gets thrown to the impersonal forces of fate, we’re basically all proles. Relative status can be a bitch sometimes, and it makes one really, really hungry for power; not so much to wield it, but to avoid being prey for those on the top of the food chain.

In other words, I’m honestly not so much opposed to the powers that be so much as I’m interested in not being a piece of chattel they can cash in if it’s in their interest.

Isegoria links to an interesting analysis of how conspiracies usually operate. It also covers quite a bit more than that, so I’m loath to characterize this piece as just that, but if that’s not already an effective hook this might not be of great interest to you anyway. There’s quite a bit of good stuff in there about self-interest, bureaucracies, and how easy it is to mis-attribute the reasons behind the behavior of others.

The word “intent” breaks down because we do not have a handy English word to describe subconscious, institutional, or evolutionary intent. Many low-status outsiders observe the institution acting like a vampire, but they do not understand the internal dynamic, so they assume that the selfishness is conscious, when it is not. Their mistaken analysis of the internal dynamic makes them look like cranks, even though the overall observation is correct.

Because intent is so complicated, it hardly makes sense to even analyze it. To judge an institution, watch what it does. Look at the pressure that shapes its decisions.

Insiders generally know the details of how things work, but are often blind to the over-arching pattern of who is winning and who is losing. They are often quite deluded about the divergence between stated intentions and actual results.

The outsiders can see these patterns, but don’t understand the details, so come across as cranks when trying to do analysis. Should the outsiders gain authority, they have no real power, because they do not know how to work the levers to operate the machine. They don’t even know where the levers are. When they try to fix the machine, they get duped, get discredited, and end up out of power again.

Give it a good read. The read it over again to let the major points sink in a bit.

The tendency to anthropomorphize emergent phenomena has been a characteristic of humanity since at least the idea of nature spirits (and almost certainly longer than that). It’s not hard to see how a species with a record of seeing supernatural forces behind volcanoes and the tides might see conscious intent behind the chaotic turbulence of economic and political structures.

Over-estimation of conscious intent and over-estimation of central co-ordination. These are the most common errors made when outsiders attempt to examine the working of “conspiracies”. These were errors that may have been made in my own work on deep states. Expect updates on my previous work shortly.


4 thoughts on “Friday Night Fragments #35

  1. pariahinside 07/03/2015 / 11:42 PM

    Here are articles on the TPP compiled by a poster on 8chan’s /pol/ board:


    See if your Senator voted yes on the last one:


    Link to the ISID provisions on wikileaks:



    TPP: The Dirtiest Trade Deal You’ve Never Heard Of

    TPP – Wikileaks has released another bombshell

    Why Is Obama Pushing The TPP?

    Heads Up! Obama Puts A Gag On Any Talk About the TPP, Contains UN Gun Control

    TPP: Wall Street Wins, Workers Lose

    More Proof Obama’s TPP Deal Favors The Rich

    Fast Track Vote Not the End Game

    Senator Elizabeth Warren TPP ISDS Feb 26 2015

    Sanders to Senate: No on TPP

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