Book Review: Death of the Family

Not too long after sharing my thoughts on marriage, journalist Christopher J. Green decided to share with me the results of his own investigations on the matter. He sent me a copy of his book “Death of the Family” and asked if I would review it for my readers. 

Green embodies the principle that from tragedy comes a craving for understanding, as travails in his own life drove him to understand why the principles in which he had such faith had been so catastrophic for him. This personal tumult lead him down a rabbit hole that he had been unprepared for, and shocked him into putting together this work.

“Death of the Family” is the result of three years of research, and it clearly shows. The book presents an incredible depth of history and philosophy, and even though I was generally familiar with the point of view that Mr. Green was espousing, I still found myself learning new things on almost every page.

Interestingly, in Western nations, those with the highest divorce rates also have the highest suicide rates.

Chapter seven, in particular, was a wealth of new facts for me, although the lack of citations did make me somewhat wary as to how much I ought to believe.

Despite being incredibly informative, this is not an opaque work. Green’s writing is brisk and precise, and it makes this book a quicker read than initial impression might suggest. Before you know it, you’ve torn through and absorbed a remarkable amount of information. It may be a Long March through the culture, but you won’t find your trip through the pages of this book to be one.

The tactic they developed to dismantle Western Culture is referred to as “Critical Theory” and is described by Max Horkheimer as a social theory oriented towards critiquing and changing society completely, as opposed to traditional theory which is mainly focused on understanding or explaining it.

Overall, “Death of the Family” is a pleasant jaunt though history that both exposes you to new ideas while serving up enough dosage of comforting shibboleths such that even a hardened neoreactionary need feel no apprehension about sliding right in.

Nazism belongs very firmly on the left, slightly to the right of communism along with Fascism.

No enemies to the right, and all that.

Remember you discovered that the USSR was born out of revolutionary socialism? Gramsci’s theories now moved Marxism into evolutionary socialism.

The book gives an exemplary overview of the Cultural Marxist theory of Anglo-American cultural subversion and should be commended on that front. Yet, if that were all that this book were, it wouldn’t be getting a review. The attention it pays to the slow erosion of marriage and the results that this has on society is what really earns the book its commendation. It’s narrative on the degradation of marriage is sure to hit home for many who feel that their instincts are better suited for an entirely different time, and it magnificently drives home the point that the family truly is the bedrock of civilization.

Now, it was a little heavy on fnords at times, and there were certain points that were very deserving of a little push-back (Herbert Marcuse’s critiques of democracy — presented as reprehensible — will probably sound on-point to pretty much all of my audience), but a dispute in the mind of the reader should not constitute an indictment on the objective facts laid out in the book. This is a good quality work that reads well and is very informative. It does exactly what it set out to do and is, in my book, worth a perusal.

If you’re interested, you can buy a copy at


5 thoughts on “Book Review: Death of the Family

  1. Marc Bahn 07/13/2015 / 11:09 AM

    “Nazism belongs very firmly on the left, slightly to the right of communism along with Fascism.”

    Oh please. Nazism was very pro-family. Communism is very anti-family. Not enough space here to list all the examples of how the two are on opposite ends of the spectrum but thanks for saving me the reading time.

  2. Christopher J Green 07/14/2015 / 4:38 AM

    @Mark Bahn: Nazism = German National SOCIALISM. They promoted promiscuity and abortion and also created a welfare state. Fascism is Italian National Socialism. Both are firmly rooted in Marxism. The idea that Communism and these two ideologies belong on opposite ends of the political spectrum is completely incorrect.

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