Cloak and Dagger

Alternative Title: A Grounding Framework for a Theory of Deep States

What is most important to any “conspiracy”?

1. Power Dynamics

2. Proper Networking

3. Feedback Loops

4. An alignment of interests among disparate entities

Centralized co-ordination is key to a conspiracy, but not a “conspiracy”. Is the difference starting to set in?* I hope so. Otherwise you won’t understand it at all when I tell you that most perceived conspiracies are actually “conspiracies” but that there is always room for a conspiracy to exist within a “conspiracy” (though just because a vacuum for a conspiracy can exist within a “conspiracy” does not mean that said vacuum has as of yet been filled).

*If the difference is not clear yet, then I should state clearly that a conspiracy is any intentional plan among a group of people, whereas a “conspiracy” is a phenomenon by which it appears that core actors are intentionally colluding but that this perception is actually the result of emergent phenomena. Think of it as working together for something versus working concurrently towards something.

That should be enough foundation theory for this piece.

Oh wait, not yet. I forgot to mention that the American “Deep State’ (we will discuss the limitations of this theory soon enough) needs to be differentiated from the “global elite” in order to be examined properly, but that there is a certain overlap and level of connection between those two entities (due to the various nodes that are placed within the systematic connections that compose these two partially-overlapping but still distinct “fuzzy”* entities)

*Fuzzy in the sense that they lack clearly defined boundaries. An attempt to physically represent these objects would thus have to use fog as its imagery, and not something with more defined limits on its volume.

Have I lost you all yet? I do hope not. This is about to get a bit more concrete, I promise…but only just a bit.

I have written multiple times about deep states before. However, I feel that I would be remiss if I did not make a comment on my previous works in light of the further nuance I have incorporated into my views on the matter.

In short, the idea of a “Deep State” is an example of a conspiracy, while much of what actually goes on underneath the surface seems much more like a “conspiracy”. I do not rule out the existence of conspiracies, though with the exception of a few particular levels of interaction, it seems much more likely that most actions is dictated by a series of “conspiracies”.

The mental picture you should imagine is a sea of “conspiracies” in which all manner of conspiracies may flourish, with some conspiracies being either bigger and/or more secret than others, and some conspiracies being higher or lower on the “food chain”, as it were.

In light of this, the phrase “deep state” itself seems to be an imprecisely-tuned semantic instrument when it comes to the task of explicating all that occurs in the layers and layers below the surface of “official” politicking and policy-making. State itself as a word implies too much of a conscious intent. In fact, (in the case of the US, at least), talk of a Deep State itself serves to muddy the waters and turn people away from the idea that what lurks in deeper waters is not a deep state, but an entire Deep System, a shadow society with immense impact on the functioning and decision-making of American (dare I even say Anglo-American?) civilizational apparatus.

Talk of deep states is worthwhile because any serious engagement with the idea is remarkably effective at shattering ones previous conceptions of how power works in a complex and advanced non-Formalist state. Whether or not one then acts to dive deeper into the matter is less important from a lay-perspective, as the “Deep State” paradigm is a more truthful one than what existed prior (and it serves as almost a complete examination of power in countries with a less byzantine and elaborate civilizational apparatus than the United States). However, for those cursed with a curiosity and a propensity to stick our noses were we shouldn’t, the “Deep State” paradigm is a tool that is useful but woefully inadequate.

What is really going on?

As I see it, circles within circles within circles within circles and conspiracies within conspiracies within conspiracies within conspiracies, all jostling and hustling and overlapping and intertwining and yet all  still separate forces oscillating and vibrating as they see fit, with every layer able to influence that which is below while operating beyond the rational comprehension of each level below it.

Do you not feel the hum? That buzzing all around you? Can you sense the chaos of this roaring thermodynamic system moving at a speed so beyond comprehension that it takes not a scientist or an engineer to get to the heart of it, but someone who can be something greater?

All that I have written so far in this post has been my best attempt to unpack and explicate exactly quite what I am getting at with that metaphor that has seared itself into my head. I hope for the sake of anyone who managed to read through that whole thing that I was able to make myself at least somewhat clear…

…But I fear I didn’t. I fear I tossed you all into the deep end and gave to nothing with which to float. I apologize to those of you who drowned, but I felt it necessary to hit you with the big picture so all these parts I plan to throw at you will stick together in the right way.

The US government is the 800-pound gorilla. It sits wherever it wants. But “it” is not one entity. It is, again, a network of competing power centers.

Perhaps the most important fact about power is that the powerful are almost always sincere.

The Polygon might be defined as the “extended civil service.” It consists not of those who hold actual formal GS rank, but those whose position demands a sense of civic responsibility – real or fake. The major vertices of the Polygon, by my count, are the press, the universities, the judiciary, the Fed and the banks, the “Hill” (congressional staff), the civil service proper, the NGOs and transnationals, the military, the Beltway bandits (defense and other contractors), and corporate holders of official monopolies (such as “intellectual property”).

Mencius Moldbug

The Governments of all the world’s nation-states, the global mass media conglomerate, the Transnational Investment and Extractor Corporations, Non-Profit Foundations, the entire UN structure including NGO’s, the World Bank and IMF, as well as the members of Global political groups like the …all of these entities and organizations are interconnected and interlocked in a similar manner as the two examples of FXC and BlackRock are highlighted in the Occupy report.

There is no conspiracy theory. There is only an interconnected and interlocked conglomeration of entities conspiring for the maintenance of total global control. Control to maximize shareholder profits by managing the exploitation the world’s vast natural and human resources.

Hawaiian Libertarian

  • There is no end to the number of theories as to who really runs the US, but many of them tend to focus on similar players.

I will not go so far as to attempt to lay out which conspiracies operate within which “conspiracies” and give a grand overview of how these interlocking parts operate and give rise to the systems of power we find ourselves living under. I have only attempted to lay out a framework that explicates the mechanisms by which these things operate while also emphasizing the murky nature of this subject matter. I do not take back my previous writings on deep states, but I hope that this has been sufficient as a critique, an update, and a grounding for the Deep State fragments I have previously released.

6 thoughts on “Cloak and Dagger

  1. blargles 07/30/2015 / 8:48 PM


    Take a simple Venn Diagram with 3 overlapping circles (A + B +C). Note that there are a total of 8 sectors including space outside the circles.

    Let’s say that;
    A = Are the countries of the world
    B = Are the major financial infrastructures of the world
    C = Are the banking entities of the world

    The next layer is where just two of the major players overlap;
    A/B = Military Industrial Complex and Major Corporations
    B/C = Central Banks
    C/A = Major Banks

    You can now see how every entity is affected by every other entity, to varying degrees!

    There is also another sector, right at the centre. This is the Superrich entities who own most of the real assets on the planet, such as a vast majority of Military Industrial Complex, the Major Corporations and the Major Banks, as well as most of the natural resources. Since the Major Banks own the Central Banks, then the Superrich own the Central Banks as well.

    Now here is where it starts to get a little grey…

    Who is at the centre?

    Well, there are at least three types of Superrich entities, they are;
    1. The ultra-wealthy families who have had money since at least the 1700s’. These families are well known historically but they are very well hidden today, so too is their money (Gold and something else).
    2. The Oil wealthy such as the Arab states. These are newcomers to the centre and their future is tied-up with the prosperity of their countries; if the country falls, so do they.
    3. The Oligarchical wealthy. More newcomers who have recently emerged from the end of the Cold War. These include most of the families which prospered from the Military Industrial Complex, like the [George] Bushs’, and Mafia type Oligarchs like Putin and his KGB mates.

    Ok, so that paints a picture of how all the visible entities fit together…..but there’s another layer. This is a very, very well hidden layer.

    Imagine that the Venn Diagram (the whole world) is drawn on a single piece of paper, well, who owns that piece of paper?

    I believe that the next and final layer doesn’t really have a name…but I’ll call them the Custodians! The Custodians essentially won 80% of the world between the 1300’s and 1700’s. They comprise of many or most of the Ultra-Wealthy entities dating back as far as the Black Venetian Nobility, the Templars, the Teutonic Templars, the Vatican, and later entities such as the Rothschild family.

    On the Venn Diagram these Custodians own most of the paper as well as the entire centre sector of the Venn Diagram.

    These Custodians own vast, vast sums of wealth, accumulated over centuries. I believe the sums would be in excess of $700 Trillion. HOWEVER, this figure is not a Dollar figure, or a Yuan figure, or even a Euro figure and this is why…

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